Gilles Cuniberti

Gilles Cuniberti

Professeur en Droit comparé

Fachgebiet(e) Economic & commercial law / European & international law / Judicial law / Metalaw, Roman law, history of law & comparative law / Multidisciplinary, general & others
Forschungsthemen Conflict of Laws, International Commercial Law, International Arbitration, Civil Procedure, Comparative Law
Fakultät oder Zentrum Fakultät für Rechts-, Wirtschafts- und Finanzwissenschaften
Forschungseinheit Droit
Postadresse Weicker Building, Université du Luxembourg
4, rue Alphonse Weicker
L-2721 Luxembourg
Büroadresse D201
Telefon (+352) 46 66 44 6441
Gesprochene Sprachen English, French

Gilles Cuniberti is Professor of Comparative Law and Private International Law at the University of Luxembourg. Previously, he taught in France and practiced on a part-time basis in the Paris office of a leading English firm. He was also a visiting faculty at various universities in the United States and Asia, including Columbia Law School and National University of Singapore.

His primary teaching and research interests are international commercial law, international litigation and arbitration, comparative law and the conflict of laws. He is the author of six books and numerous articles published in French, English and Italian. His first book on extra-territorial freezing orders received the First Prize of the French Centre for Comparative Law. He was the general editor and a regular contributor to the blog from 2007 until 2014. In the summer 2018, he will give a special course in private international law at the Hague Academy of International Law.

He holds a Doctorate in Law from Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne University and an LL.M. degree from Yale Law School. He was also a Paris-Oxford Doctoral Program Scholar for a year at Trinity College, Oxford.

Curriculum Vitae

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Selected books

Rethinking International Commercial Arbitration - Towards Default ArbitrationEdward Elgar, forthcoming 2017.

Conflict of Laws: A Comparative Approach. Text and CasesEdward Elgar, 2017.

Grands systèmes de droit contemporains - Introduction au droit comparé, LGDJ, 1st ed. 2007, 2nd ed 2011, 3rd ed 2015.

Droit international de l'exécution, LGDJ, 2011 (with C. Normand and F. Cornette)

Les mesures conservatoires portant sur des biens situés à l’étranger, LGDJ, 2000

Selected chapters in books

Arbitration (UNCITRAL Model Law), France, in EUROPEAN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL LAW (J. Basedow, F. Ferrari, P. de Miguel Asensio & G. Rühl eds., forthcoming 2016)

Articles 46 to 51, BRUSSELS Ibis REGULATION (U. Magnus & P. Mankowski eds., 2015, with I. Rueda)

Articles 1.4, 1.5, 3.3.1 and 3.3.2, in COMMENTARY ON THE UNIDROIT PRINCIPLES OF INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS (S. Vogenauer ed., 2nd ed. 2015)

Selected articles

La Lex Mercatoria au XXIe siècle. Une étude empirique et économique, CLUNET 765 (2016)

The Laws of Asian International Business Transactions, 25 WASHINGTON INT’l L.J. 35 (2016)

L'expertise judiciaire en droit judiciaire européen, REVUE CRITIQUE DROIT INTERNATIONAL PRIVE 519 (2015)

The International Market for Contracts – The Most Attractive Contract Laws, 34 NORTHWESTERN J. INT.’L & BUSINESS 455 (2014).

Three Theories of Lex Mercatoria, 52 COLUMBIA J. TRANSN'L L. 369 (2014)

Enhancing Judicial Reputation through Legal Transplants - Estoppel Travels to France, 60 AMERICAN J. COMP L. 383 (2012)

Abolition of Exequatur: Addressing the Commission's Concerns, RABELSZEITSCHRIFT 286 (2011) (with I. Rueda)

Debarment from Defending, Default Judgments and Public policy, IPRax 148 (2010)

The Law Governing the Modality of Arbitral Awards, 25 ARBITRAL INT’L 347 (2009)

Beyond Contract – The Case for Default Arbitration in International Commercial Disputes, 32 FORDHAM INT’L L.J. 417 (2009)

The Recognition of Judgments Lacking Reasons in Europe, INT’L & COMPARATIVE L. Q. 25 (2008).

L’apprezzamento dell’efficacia della clausola arbitrale da parte del giudice statale : un conflitto tra Italia e Francia, 21 DIRITTO DEL COMMERCIO INTERNAZIONALE 789 (2007) (with M. Winkler).

 A full list of my publications is available here. Some of my papers may be downloaded from my SSRN page.

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Grands systèmes de droit contemporains


Private international law

Transnational commercial law

Internet litigation 

Comparative law

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  • The European Account Preservation Order Regulation: a Commentary (with S. Migliorini)
  • Droit européen de l'insolvabilité (with P. Nabet)


  • The International Market for Contract Laws: Lessons from Latin America (with M. Segovia)

Law Reform

  • Reform of the Law of Arbitration in Luxembourg
  • Reform of Luxembourg Civil Procedure for the purpose of implementing the European Account Preservation Order
  • European Commission Expert Group on Conflict of Laws regarding Securities and Claims

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ELI-UNIDROIT Joint Project on Civil Procedure, co-reporter on provisional and protective measures (2014-2016)


Expert Groups

Member, Expert Group on Conflict of Laws regarding Securities and Claims, European Commission (2017)

Member, Consortium of Experts led by the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, Evaluation study of the impact of national procedural laws and practices on the free circulation of judgments and on the equivalence and effectiveness of the procedural protection of consumers under EU law for the European Commission (2016)

Member, Expert Group, ELI Project on Prevention and Settlement of Conflicts of Exercise of Jurisdiction in Criminal Law (2014-2015)

Member, Study Group on UN Sanctions and International Law, International Law Association 

Member, Data Study Group, European Guide for Legal Expertise Project (2014-2015)

Member, Think Tank on the Promotion of Arbitration in Luxembourg (2013-present)

Member, Expert Group on the Freezing of Bank Accounts, European Commission (2011).



Study on the law applicable to companies with the aim of a possible harmonisation of conflict of laws rules on the matter for the European Commission, National Report for Luxembourg (with P.H. Conac) (2016)

Civil Judicial Experts in the EU: Analysis of EU Legislation and Recommendations, Report for the Legal Committee of the European Parliament (2015)

External Assessment of Regulation No. 2201/2003/EC (Brussels IIa Regulation) for the European Commission, National Report for Luxembourg (with D. Hiez and C. Camara) (2014)

External Evaluation of Regulation No. 1346/2000/EC on Insolvency Proceedings for the European Commission, National Reports for France and Luxembourg (2012)

Study on the Interpretation of the Public Policy Exception as referred to in EU Instruments of Private International Law for the European Parliament, National Reports for France, Belgium and Luxembourg (2010)

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Code de droit international privé luxembourgeois, Larcier, 2014.

Participation à des ouvrages collectifs

La clause attributive de juridiction, in Le banquier luxembourgeois et le droit international privé, à paraître, 2016. 

National Reports on France and Luxembourg, in B. Hess, P. Oberhammer and T. Pfeiffer (dir.), European Insolvency Law, Beck Hart Nomos, 2014.

Luxembourg, in J.L. Iglesias, C. Esplugues and G. Palao (dir.), Application of Foreign Law by Judicial and non-Judicial Authorities in Europe , Sellier, 2011, p. 255 (avec I. Rueda)


"Le contrôle des sentences arbitrales au regard de l'ordre public: le point de vue luxembourgeois", J. Trib. Lux. 2016, p. 79.

"L’appréciation de la compétence du juge étranger en droit commun de l’effet des jugements étrangers luxembourgeois", Pasicrisie 36, p. 719.

"La pratique de l’exequatur dans la Grande Région- Une étude empirique", Clunet 2013, p. 83 (avec Maryse Muller).

"Les mesures provisoires dans le contentieux commercial international en droit luxembourgeois", J. Trib. Lux. février 2011, p. 2.

"L’interdiction de se contredire en procédure civile luxembourgeoise", Pasicrisie 2010, p. 383.

Notes de jurisprudence

Cour d'appel de Luxembourg, 5 juin 2014, à paraître Pasicrisie (avec R. Tafotie) (Recours contre une ordonnance d'exequatur d'une injonction anglaise par un tiers avocat)

Cour d’appel de Luxembourg, 15 juillet 2015, J. Trib. Lux. 2015.179 (compétence internationale en matière de saisie-arrêt)

Cour d’appel de Luxembourg, 25 juin 2015, Pasicrisie 37, 387 (exécution au Luxembourg d’une sentence arbitrale soumise à un recours en annulation au pays du siège)

Cass. Fra. Civ. 1ère 26 septembre 2012, J. Trib. Lux. 2013, p. 7 (avec P. Ancel) (validité d’une clause attributive de juridiction complexe)

Cass. Lux., 19 juin 2008, J. Trib. Lux. 2009, p. 55 ; Clunet 2009, p. 629 (connexité européenne)



Membre, Think Tank sur la promotion de l'arbitrage au Luxembourg (2013-)

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