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Master of Science in Banking and Finance

Full-time format

The full-time format requires a full 12 months of full-time study (including a mandatory minimum internship period of 12 weeks).  It is not suitable for those will full or half-time jobs or other similar commitments.

The academic year starts in early October and finished in early June.  Normally the internship will take place from June to September, although this can vary.  Classes are held in full- or half-day sessions, typically three full days per week.  Due to exams, university and school holidays, events and other factors, not all weeks will have classes.

Full-time students are required to attend the academic week-in-residence, typically held during the second week of September of their second year.  It is important that internship companies are advised of this at the start of the internship.

Full-time students have typically recently completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s I programme and may have had a few years’ work experience.  However, there are also students who have several or even many years’ professional experience, who decide to take a year off for full-time study to obtain their MSc in Banking and Finance. 

The full-time class is very international, typically comprising students from all or almost all continents and a great variety of regions.  This richness of diversity and background adds greatly to the interest of the programme.
Class sizes do not exceed 35 students. 

For non-EU/EEA students who have completed their degree, Luxembourg law provides for the provision of a work-permit after graduation for a period of two years, in an area related to the degree obtained.