Metabolomics Group

The Metabolomics group at the LCSB

From left to right: Sean Sapcariu, Daniel Weindl, Jenny Ghelfi, Karsten Hiller, Thekla Cordes, Christian Jäger, Andre Wegner, Sylvie Delcambre, Jean-Pierre Trezzi, Nadia Battello, Johannes Meiser, Xiangyi Dong

About the Metabolomics group

Metabolomics stands for the comprehensive analysis of intracellular and extracellular metabolite concentrations. With up to 400 identified metabolites in one experiment an overall picture of the metabolism emerges. Since the set of all metabolites is directly linked to the actual state of a cell and thus to the phenotype, the metabolome is optimally suited for the determination of biomarkers that are typical for certain genotypes or diseases.

The Metabolomics Junior Research Group intends to establish state of the art mass-spectrometric methodologies for the analysis of cellular metabolism. These technologies will be applied for shedding light into the metabolism of cancer cells. For this reason, we will apply stable-isotope labelled compounds for the elucidation of yet unknown metabolic pathways important for cancer cells. In addition, stable-isotopes will be used for analyzing the metabolic dynamics (enzyme activities) of specific cancer forms in a non-targeted way.

The Metabolomics Research Group was established under the auspices of the Luxembourg National Research Fund's ATTRACT Programme .

Head of Team

LCSB - Ass. Prof. Dr. Karsten Hiller (LCSB)