FinTech & Digitalisation

Digital Finance and Fintech is concerned with the implications of the drastic changes caused by the digital revolution. For once, digitization has lead to an unprecedented collection of data, commonly labelled Big Data. The technology innovation in financial services forces commercial banks and providers of financial services to adapt. Our research has a clear interdisciplinary nature by sharing ingredients from Finance, Information Technology, Management, and Law.Business and data analytics, combined with behavioural decision-making analysis can help fund and wealth managers assess investors’ preferences, and enhance the alignment of investment advices. Given UL’s expertise in IT security makes a strong collaboration with researchers from SnT most natural. Since new technological developments always ask for an adoption of regulations, cooperation with the Law department will be crucial. Our research focuses on Fintech applications such as blockchain, robo-advisors and cryptocurrencies, which have the potential to revolutionize the finance industry.

The research units of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance deal with the latest legal and financial developments regarding FinTech and the digital economy. As an integral part of the University of Luxembourg’s FinTech working group, the FDEF’s research at the Luxembourg School of Finance discusses FinTech from a finance perspective, while the Research Unit in Law (RUL) focuses on legal and regulatory matters.

The Luxembourg School of Finance (LSF), as a highly qualified research group, aims to contribute to both the scientific and professional discussion on FinTech by presenting a complementary angle of research activities.  The LSF’s goal is to explore and to assess the impact and consequences of market disruption on both the macro (i.e. dynamics of financial markets, financial stability) and the micro (i.e. firm-level risk assessment, evaluation of emerging collaborative business models) levels. Our expertise covers a broad range of research themes, including digital asset and wealth management, distributed ledgers in financial transactions, financial market design, advanced knowledge management and big data analytics to support financial decision making, and crypto-currencies.

Please find below a list of principal investigators with a research interest and expertise relating to FinTech.

Kräussl, Roman

  • Digital Wealth Management
  • Robo-Advisory

Kräussl, Zsofia

  • Service Innovation and Requirements Engineering
  • Financial Market Design
  • Distributed Ledgers in Financial Transactions
  • Big data

Neugebauer, Tibor

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Experimental design
  • Algorithm trading

Rinne, Kalle

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Big Data

Sándor, László

  • Big data
  • Machine learning
  • Field experiments
  • Tax policy

Schiltz, Jang

  • Big Data analysis
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Cryptocurrencies

Stefanova, Denitsa

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Big Data
  • Financial Innovation

Van Bommel, Jos

  • Big data
  • Smart contracts

Skoura, Angeliki

  • Machine Learning
  • Financial Database Software


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