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Interdisciplinary Lab for Intelligent and Adaptive Systems (ILIAS)

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Our research and teaching is concerned with the theoretical foundations and the algorithmic realization of information processing and reasoning in complex and dynamic environments given limited resources and incomplete or uncertain information. It encompasses several overlapping subthemes and their corresponding topics:

  • Intelligent agents: Computational techniques for autonomous problem solving and decision making in complex environments populated by humans and/or artificial agents.
  • Normative Multi-Agent Systems, Cognitive Agents/Robots, Decision Systems, Computational Social Choice and Agreement Technologies.
  • Adaptive systems exploiting learning, flexible probabilistic, or nature-inspired computing models to deal with opaque, dynamic contexts, and big data.
  • Bio-inspired Computing, Data Science, Text/Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery, Information Theory.
  • Logic-based methods for analyzing/specifying computational systems, providing advanced knowledge representation and reasoning techniques for intelligent agents.
  • Agent logics, Normative Reasoning, Knowledge Representation, Uncertain Inference, Foundations of Reasoning.
  • Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval.
  • Big Data, Distributed Database Architectures, Information Extraction, Probabilistic Databases.


 5th International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory, 25 - 27 October 2017, Hotel Parc BelleVue, Luxembourg

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