SnT - Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust

The SnT conducts internationally competitive research in information and communication technology, ICT, with high relevance creating socio-economic impact. In addition to long-term, high-risk research, SnT engages in demand driven collaborative projects with industry and the public sector. Therefore the centre has set up a Partnership Programme with now 27 members targeting strategic areas addressing challenges confronting industry and the public sector in ICT. These resulting concepts present a genuine, long-lasting competitive advantage for companies in Luxembourg and beyond.

SnT has undergone a rapid development since its launch in 2009; recruiting top scientists, launching over 40 EU and ESA projects, creating a technology transfer office (TTO), protecting and licensing IP, launching two spin-offs, and creating a dynamic interdisciplinary research environment with some 260 people.

  • SnT-Test-Car: Analysing driving behaviour
  • Using a quadrocopter in the lab of the Automation Research Group
  • Björn Ottersten, Director of SnT
  • Lionel Briand holds a Pearl Chair of the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR)
  • PEARL Fellow Paulo Verissimo focusses on Critical Information Infrastructures
  • Home of SnT in Luxembourg Kirchberg
  • Patrice Caire develops effective home healthcare systems
  • Aurel Machalek develops tools for transnational crisis communication
  • Shiva Nejati improves electronic control units with automotive supplier DELPHI 
  • Djamila Aouada is working on fusion for depth sensing in collaboration with IEE
  • Andriy Panchenko protects privacy on the Internet using "onion routing"
  • Holger Voos makes e-cars even smarter
  • Bhavani Shankar works on MIMO technology supported by ESA
  • Sculpture by Frank Stella in front of the SnT building


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