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Doctoral school

The Doctoral Training Unit “Digital History & Hermeneutics” (DHH) is a four-year interdisciplinary research and training program funded by the Fonds National de Recherche (FNR).

It is designed as a space of experiment in which different communities of practice and epistemic cultures – consisting of historians, philosophers, computer scientists, geographers, information and data scientists as well as experts in human-computer interaction – negotiate new forms of knowledge production in the field of digital history and humanities.

The DTU is built on the concept of “digital hermeneutics”, defined as a critical and self-reflexive use of digital tools and technologies for the development of new research questions, the testing of analytical assumptions, and the production of sophisticated scientific interpretations.

Based on 8 thematic axes and a set of fundamental questions, the DTU offers a training environment for 13 PhD students and 1 Post-Doc. In collaboration with a multitude of national and international partners, the DTU will organize a multitude of collaborative teaching and research activities in close collaboration with the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences and the Doctoral School in Science and Engineering.

For more information on the Doctoral Training Unit please see the full proposal of the DHH application or contact the DTU head (Prof. Dr. Andreas Fickers).

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