Frequently asked questions

Last update: 21 July 2020

Teaching and learning

Do course requirements change due to the situation?

The calendar of the current academic year 2019/20 remains unchanged. Course requirements (as adapted or confirmed) remain in force for all students enrolled in the course. Students will not be awarded credit if they do not comply with all the compulsory course requirements, as communicated by the Course Coordinator.

Is compulsory attendance for a course still a requirement during the summer semester 2020?

Compulsory attendance in person is waived. Synchronous attendance in courses that are offered remotely is also waived where appropriate. Students are expected to participate in online learning and catch up with coursework remotely.

Can I be granted an absence justifiée (ABS-J) for a course I cannot attend during the summer semester 2020?

An ABS-J is not granted automatically to students who do not attend a course during the summer semester 2020. An ABS-J can be granted in the case of the course lecturer falling ill and the course being interrupted. The students affected can be offered to enrol in alternative courses if possible.

Where can I find more information on teaching remotely?

Visit our website

Where can I find more information on exams during the COVID-19 crisis and remote exams in general?

Please check the FAQ on exams.

How can I access books and documents from the library?

As of 1 July, the LLC building will be open to all users from Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 17.00. Individual working spaces are available as well as access to the bookshelves.

On site at the LLC, you can:

  • Access the shelves and take out books by yourself
  • Borrow and return books yourself using the self-service machines
  • Work individually
  • Use Computers
  • Use printing services
  • Borrow laptops
  • Access ILNAS and Bloomberg stations
  • Withdraw orders for research projects

It is not possible to use the group work spaces

During your visit, it is mandatory to wear a mask or scarf/buff and to wash or disinfect your hands before touching the books on the shelves. You are also asked to respect social distancing.
It is forbidden to move furniture as the furniture and work spaces have been adapted to allow a safe distance between users. You are asked to respect the signage on site and the instructions given by the LLC staff.

For any questions, library registration and research assistance, we remain available online via

I am a student and I do not have suitable technology to participate in remote classes. What should I do?

The University appreciates that some students do not have good Internet access and that some are not able to buy suitable technology. The partial reopening of the Luxembourg Learning Centre is part of our commitment to supporting all students to access the right technology for their learning, including its laptop loan service to students.

Further information and opening hours can be found on the LLC website.

I am a student participating in an exceptional in-person class. Are there any procedures and requirements?

All students will be signed in at the reception, do not walk to your classroom without permission.

Please bring a mask, scarf or bandana and cover your mouth and nose. If needed, masks are provided by the University at the reception desk. Disinfect hands before putting on the mask!

Masks, scarfs or bandanas are mandatory in all common spaces (e.g. floors, printing areas, bathrooms, elevators, reception areas) and where a minimum of two meters cannot be respected.

Group meetings are not permitted.

How will the teaching continue in the coming winter semester (2020/21)?

At this time, the University is still in the process of defining the precise teaching modalities for the different study programmes.

Teaching in Winter Semester 2020-21 will be in hybrid mode. This will be a mixture of distant and in-person teaching. The teaching and practical spaces on our campuses have varied sizes and layouts. The implementation of some of the decisions presented here will depend on the nature of the teaching that is planned as well as on the type of teaching space that it involves.

As a guiding principle, the University will differentiate between larger and smaller classes.

Remote mode: Larger group teaching (lectures – cours magistraux, any groups of more than 50 people). This will involve a mixture of live streaming and pre-recorded (asynchronous) lectures or events.

In-person mode: smaller groups of less than 50 (adjusted according to room capacity); seminars, laboratory and practical work (Travaux Pratiques – Travaux dirigés); other small group teaching.

New first-year students: it is very important for the University to properly welcome its new first-year students and launch them into their new academic environment. Since this is hard to achieve in remote settings, the University will strive to provide a number of in-person classes for first-year bachelors.

The University will follow the advice of the Government and will be prepared to move into full remote mode in the event of a return to confinement.

Where can I find additional support?

Helpline 8002 9090 -

The Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth has set up an aid and support system for pupils, teachers and parents during the suspension of classes.

The website aims to support home learning and distance learning provided by teachers. The teaching materials made available on this platform are a complementary and optional offer compared to the work that teachers ask their students.

The Helpline 8002 9090 is part of the offer of


Does the current situation have an impact on Application & Re-registration?

In view of the exceptional situation, the University of Luxembourg has adapted its applications process. Detailed information and updates can be found on our application & registration site.