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Student residences

Student residences will not be closed, but we recommend to student residents who have the possibility to go back to their family home to do so, as a precautionary measure.

If you feel sick, please follow the guidelines “What should I do if I think I am infected?”.

Guidelines for residents

We ask all students who decide to stay at the student residences to help stop the spread of the coronavirus by adhering to following guidelines:

Stay in your room

  • You can invite one visitor per day (overnight visits are not allowed). Meet outdoors if ever the weather permits.
  • Air out your room regularly.
  • All of the clothes, bed linen and towels have to be washed regularly in a washing machine (60°C). All individuals who come into your room should not come closer than 2 meters.
  • Please stay in your room when the cleaning service is present, and when our team of technicians are operating in a shared area.

Reduce social contacts

  • Please avoid all unnecessary social contacts and keep a distance of two metres to another person.
  • If possible, stay in the same group to limit risk. 
  • If you use a shared kitchen: the kitchen can be used by up to six people of the same residence at the same time, provided the room allows to maintain the social distance required.
  • Do not have social gatherings, parties etc. It may threaten the lives of high-risk people and is irresponsible behaviour.
  • One external visitor per day and resident is permitted. We ask you to strictly respect this limit and keep track of your visitors, to facilitate tracing in case needed later. Meet outdoors if ever the weather permits.

Hygiene rules and keeping distance are crucial in this phase of de-confinement. We therefore call upon you to continue to follow these rules in order to prevent the virus from spreading again. Only if these rules are followed we can progressively end the lockdown.

Please use Social Media to stay connected with your friends and roommates.

Coordinate to limit the use of shared spaces (kitchen/bathroom/laundry room)

  • If possible stick to the same group of people. Do not mix and create new groups to limit the spread of the virus.
  • If you have a shared bathroom, limit the use to no more than two people at the same time and clean the shared sanitary installations (shower, toilets, sinks) after each usage with a standard household detergents.
  • As mentioned above, up to six people of the same residence are allowed to use the kitchen at the same time, provided the room allows to maintain the social distance required.

Limit the number of shared items

Do not share dishes, glasses, cups, kitchen utensils, napkins or bedding with other people. After having used any of these items, wash them carefully with normal detergent and soap.

Implement additional cleaning measures

  • Waste that has been contaminated with bodily fluids (feces, blood, mucus) has to be discarded into a dedicated bin in the room where you are, before evacuating it together with other household waste.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces which have been touched, i.e. bedside tables, bed frames and other bedroom furniture daily with an ordinary household detergent.
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces in bathrooms and lavatories after each usage with a standard household detergent.

Take general precaution measures

Please support yourself and your roommates by making them aware of and following the advice to minimise the spread of any infection.

What should I do if I live in a student residence and fall sick?

If a COVID-19 infection is suspected or, if you have been tested positively on COVID-19, you should self-isolate yourself immediately for a minimum of 14 days after the onset of symptoms (or upon confirmation to be a suspected case).
Contact with other people must be absolutely avoided.

You also should:

  1. Follow the doctor's instructions (mask and medication);
  2. Call 46 66 44 5555 to notify and send an email to
  3. Strictly follow the sanitary recommendations.
  4. Stay in your room. Do not use the shared kitchen.
  5. Please check with your roommates via social media if someone can go grocery shopping for you and provide you with the essentials. All purchases should be left outside in front of your room, personal contact should be avoided.
  6. If you share your bathroom, please clean it thoroughly after each use with normal detergent (shower, washbasin, toilet).

Solidarity and unity are important in this hard time. Please help and support one another and assist sick roommates by helping them with their groceries or the pickup of medication.

Applying for deferral of student accommodation rent

The University provides an option for students living in student residences to defer the payment of their rent. The following framework applies:  

  • Eligible for rent deferrals are: all Bachelor and Master students, as well as all PhD students whose research is self-funded and who are living in a University residence. (PhD and Post-Docs who are employees of the University or of other institutions and companies, are not eligible).
  • Rent payments can be deferred for the months of March through June 2020 (please note that if you have already paid the March rent, it will not be possible to reimburse). 
  • The repayment of the deferred rent must start at the latest in September 2020. Monthly repayment rates will be defined to ensure that all deferred payments will be settled at the latest by the end of the studies, or, for students in their last semester, by the time the diploma is conferred.
  • To benefit from the option of a rent payment deferral
    • You must request this deferral by submitting a simple form to explain the reasons for the payments to be postponed. Please complete this form and send it to
    • A repayment agreement must be established which must be signed by the rector. Please complete this form and send it to

Further questions and answers regarding students and student life can be found here.

Thank you for your cooperation and solidarity. Stay safe!