Scenicae a.s.b.l.

The goals of the association consist in:

  • promoting and framing the activities of the different artistic ensembles of our University within the society of Luxembourg and
  • developing and fortifying the links between the university and the cultural actors in Luxembourg
  • offering further training and education to the members of the UL ensembles

through the collaboration with our cultural partners.


Founding members | Membres fondateurs

  • Adalsteinsson Carl, CAPe Ettelbruck
  • Basso Serge, Kulturfabrik Esch
  • Baumgarten Bernard, Danse 3-CL
  • Boumans Ivan
  • Braun Nancy, Esch 2022
  • Carbon François, UL espace cultures
  • Di Felice Paul, UL / Visual Arts
  • Dieschburg Délia
  • Feitler Frank, Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg
  • Garcia Robert
  • Gehmacher Stephan, Philharmonie
  • Groben Joseph
  • Hennicot-Schoepges Erna, Amis de l’Université
  • Hoffmann Frank, Théâtre National du Luxembourg
  • Hoffmann Jean-Paul, Radio 100.7
  • Kaufhold Caroline, UL Dance Cluster
  • Kerger Camille, INECC
  • Kieffer Lena
  • Koob-Engeldinger Nicole, UL Choir 
  • Leterre Thierry, Miami University Dolibois Center, MUDEC
  • Marinheiro Cristovão, Musician
  • Meyers Marc, Conservatoire de Musique Ville de Luxembourg
  • Mullenbach Alexandre
  • Muller Charles, Théâtre Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Nitschké Alain, UL / Musicologist
  • Partridge Philippe, Musician
  • Prim Eugène, Solistes Européens
  • Pruy Julia, UL Choir
  • Sagrillo Damien, UL / Musicologist
  • Schmidt-Werle Natalie , Great Poets Society
  • Sietzen Christiane, City of Luxembourg
  • Simon Nico, Utopia S.A.
  • Sinha Yasmin, UL uniJAM  
  • Tarrach Rolf, UL President - 2015 
  • Travers Joan
  • Wagener Robert, Lawyer
  • Waltmanns Ralph, City of Esch-sur-Alzette
  • Weides Fernand
  • Weis Jean-Guillaume, Dance Theater Luxembourg
  • Wenandy Jean
  • Weyer Dany, UL, PhD student 
  • Yin-Clees Sisi, Student, Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts 


Board of Directors (BD) | Conseil d’Administration (CA):

Dany Weyer, president 

Enrico Lunghi, vice-president

Sisi Yin-Clees, secretary

Virginia Tang, treasurer


Members BD | Membres CA:

Carbon François, past president 2009-2017

Meyers Marc

Pruy Julia

Weis Jean-Guillaume


Bank account
Scenicae asbl
IBAN LU10 0019 3155 7911 7000


For further information: or espace cultures