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Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation






About the Chairholder

Mickaël Géraudel is Chairholder of the Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in partnership with the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. Holding a PhD in Management Science (2008, University of Savoie, France) and the French post-doctoral degree of supervising doctoral research in Management science (2013, “HDR”, University of Lyon), Prof. Géraudel joined the University of Luxembourg in May 2015.  


As an Associate Professor in Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Prof. Géraudel develops his research activities on the effects of social capital and personality traits of entrepreneurs, innovation in start-ups, and institutional logics in interorganisational strategies. He has presented his research at major international conferences and published his research in peer reviewed journals such as Journal of Business Research, Journal of Small Business Management, and European Management Journal. 














Chairholder Expertise  

  • Management science
  • Innovation in start-ups
  • Interorganisational strategy 

Chair Objectives

  • Supporting education through the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme 
  • Supporting research through the funding of academic positions   
  • Developing applied research on the topic of entrepreneurship in Luxembourg through the Observatory of Entrepreneurship

Chair partner 

  • The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce  

History and mission 

The University of Luxembourg and the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg have worked together since the launch of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in 2007. This collaboration was reinforced in 2014 when a privileged partnership was formally established between the parties. In July 2020, the Chamber of Commerce and the University of Luxembourg decided to further strengthen their partnership through the creation of a dedicated Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation within the Department of Economics and Management.  

The Chair, funded by the Chamber of Commerce of Luxembourg, works towards the goals of enriching the student experience by promoting contact between students and business and offering a training curriculum adapted to the realities of the economic landscape, as well as conducting applied research in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation. The Chair also includes a postdoctoral researcher position and an observatory, which conducts research to provide an analysis of the state of entrepreneurship in Luxembourg.   


Chair impact  

Publications académiques et professionnelles

Block, J., Hansen, C., & Steinmetz, H. (in press). Are Family Firms Doing More Innovation Output With Less Innovation Input? A Replication and Extension. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice. 

Evans, T., Géraudel, M. “Analyse des classements internationaux liés à l’entrepreneuriat, l’innovation et la digitalisation - Benchmark du Luxembourg”, L’Observatoire de L’Entrepreneuriat, 2022. 

Evans, T., Géraudel, M. “Diagnostic des forces et faiblesses du Luxembourg. Étude des classements internationaux liés à l’entrepreneuriat, l’innovation et la digitalisation”, L’Observatoire de L’Entrepreneuriat, 2021.   

Evans, T., Géraudel, M. “Dossier recherche : l’écosystème d’entrepreneuriat et l’écosystème digital”, L’Observatoire de L’Entrepreneuriat, 2022. 

Evans, T., Géraudel, M. “La Transformation Digitale des PME au Luxembourg”, L’Observatoire de L’Entrepreneuriat, 2022.  

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Prof. Mickaël Géraudel



Anne Dandeville
Team Leader for Advancement 


Thomas Evans
Observatory of Entrepreneurship