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Consumer Law Clinic open for business!

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Veröffentlicht am Montag, den 08. November 2021

Our team of Master 2 Students have now completed their final session of preparation for consumer interviews with practicing lawyers and a psychologist. They are now ready to welcome consumers who are experiencing problems with a professional (retailer, service provider, etc.) and would are seeking legal support.

The consumer law clinic, coordinated by Prof. Elise Poillot, is open to the public and can assist clients in disputes with Luxembourg-based retailers in amounts up to 5,000€.   

Do you have a question? Contact the team today through a simple online questionnaire

What is a law clinic?

Law clinics seek to fulfil a twofold goal: first, to provide practical knowledge to law students working on real cases; second, to support users by offering free orientation and information, which helps empower different disadvantaged communities. Their pedagogical, hands-on approach allows legal students to deal with real cases, while being fully supervised and guided by teachers and practitioners.