The Advantages of the Alumni Network are both immediate and long-term.

Academic resources

  • Access to conferences, professional series and “Open courses”
  • Benefit from the ever-expanding library, online databases & resources
  • Receive annual Must-Read lists of top articles and book recommendations from our professors on the most recent trending topics
  • Reserve prime seating at University lectures of distinguished guests from all over the world
  • Access to exclusive online resources: CV builder, career advices, etc.

Lost & Found

  • Find a friend service: lost touch with someone? Want to get back in touch? We may be able to forward a letter or email on your behalf.
  • Transcripts, replacement degree certificates
  • Letters on duration of studies

Professional Networking

  • Put you in relationship for any business support with the Luxembourgish administrations
  • Attend  meet & match events (read more on the events page)
  • Receive exclusive and tailored job offers