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Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

The LCL – Your hub for logistics & supply chain research and education in the heart of Europe.


The Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management was founded by the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to support the country's aim in becoming a European logistics hub.

The centre is a member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Supply Chain And Logistics Excellence (MIT SCALE) network and strives for excellence in research, education, and knowledge transfer.

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Luxembourg Centre for Logistics & Supply Chain Management




The LCL hosts a range of educational offers to match the needs of supply chain professionals and future academics.

Master programme


Doctoral programme





You want to fast-track your career in supply chain management?
Elevate your academic expertise to build-on your industry experience.
Become a member of the MIT SCALE network and interact with international companies.


You want to immerse yourself into the theory of logistics and supply chain management?
Apply for our doctoral programme and work on your own research project supported by LCL’s faculty and their research network.






You want to acquire new skills but learn at your own pace?
Sign up for the MITx MicroMasters® programme credential offered by MITx and edX.









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We want to contribute to better and sustainable decision-making and execution of logistics and supply chain management. Better planning results in cost efficiency, robustness against uncertainty, volatility and disruptions as well as sustainable resource utilisations. To achieve these targets, we investigate product and information flows, build decision support models and appropriate solution approaches to address such problems.

We are inspired by industry collaboration and strive to apply our methods and findings in real world applications.






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Learn more about our research activities & discover past and on-going research projects.







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Webinars & Roundtables


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Industry activities

You want to acquire new skills to support your role as supply chain professional? Sign up for one of our 2-day workshops.





Sponsor a master thesis and get immediate access to our pool of prospective graduates.






Join the discussion on digital supply chain challenges.





New trends, networking, inspiration: join our annual conference.





Contribute a session to our Industry Seminar series or Company visits




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