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Thesis partnership

The MIT – Luxembourg Logistics & Supply Chain Management master programme (LSCM) executes master thesis research/improvement projects with industry partners.

A team of two students supervised by a professor and an industry supervisor scope a project to improve supply chain and logistics in practice with the latest theory.

Some of our master thesis partners past and present:


























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Research partnerships

Companies are welcome to initiate research projects with the academic body of the LCL and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance or with project-related researchers, post-docs and PhDs.

Our research partnerships also open access to the worldwide Supply Chain And Logistics Excellence (SCALE) network of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) including over 120 corporate partners. Research and teaching activities at the Global SCALE centres help those addressing critical challenges and finding solutions in an innovative and collaborative environment.

Custom R&D cooperation opportunities bring the LCL partners to the forefront of modern logistics and supply chain management. The LCL covers new interdisciplinary fields of research between supply chain management and law, finance, management and entrepreneurship, international economics, IT.

Academic research projects develop innovations from real-life issues. Active academic researchers give access to cutting-edge research technologies, especially relevant in analysing data.


Business community

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