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Thesis sponsorship

The MIT – Luxembourg Logistics & Supply Chain Management master programme (LSCM) executes master thesis research/improvement projects with industry partners. A team of two students supervised by a professor and an industry supervisor scope a project to improve supply chain and logistics in practice with the latest theory.

How does it work?

Companies can propose business problems as a foundation for student thesis work. Thesis projects that are undertaken by students are completed on the campus of the University of Luxembourg within a nine-month window. Each project is executed by a small team of students (typically 2) in collaboration with the industry partner and guided by a professor. Meetings between student teams and their company sponsors are encouraged and can take place on campus or at company facilities.

Students make final presentations of their work on the project and submit a written thesis. Participating LCL partners are able to hear about thesis projects being done with other partner companies, giving them broad exposure to current issues in logistics and supply chain management.

The thesis, the presentation, and other materials are available to help partners communicate the students’ findings within their organisations. On both sides, it is a great opportunity to learn, grow… and produce results!

Master thesis projects can revolve around a wide variety of topics including

  • Redesign of operational processes and assessment of as-is operations
  • Creation of advanced forecasting modules with analytics and data science
  • Optimisation of supply chain decisions such as inventory, routing and production.

Benefits of the master thesis partnership

A key benefit to partner companies is having bright young minds tackle their business problems — under the guidance of an LCL professor — with access to the latest developments in supply chain theory and practice. It is an opportunity to get an important project completed and documented in less than an academic year.

But beyond that, thesis partner companies enjoy additional benefits:

  • Early and deep exposure to students for recruiting,
  • Networking with faculty, researchers, and other companies,
  • A way to energise their staff by teaming up with bright, enthusiastic LSCM graduate students,
  • A low risk, low-cost, quick-turnaround study focused on a company problem.

Read examples of past master theses

Read more about how student-industry interconnection transforms the fabric of supply chain, an article of Prof. Yossi Sheffi, Director of MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics.


Research partnerships

Companies are welcome to initiate research projects with the academic body of the LCL and the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance or with project-related researchers, post-docs and PhDs.

Our research partnerships also open access to the worldwide Supply Chain And Logistics Excellence (SCALE) network of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Transportation & Logistics (MIT CTL) including over 120 corporate partners. Research and teaching activities at the Global SCALE centres help those addressing critical challenges and finding solutions in an innovative and collaborative environment.

Custom R&D cooperation opportunities bring the LCL partners to the forefront of modern logistics and supply chain management. The LCL covers new interdisciplinary fields of research between supply chain management and law, finance, management and entrepreneurship, international economics, IT.

Academic research projects develop innovations from real-life issues. Active academic researchers give access to cutting-edge research technologies, especially relevant in analysing data.


Business community

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