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LCL seminars, roundtables and conferences are an important aspect of the rich academic environment that is cultivated at the University of Luxembourg in cooperation with the MIT global SCALE network and with the support of the industry.

The various LCL events provide a platform for researchers and managers to present their work in an environment that encourages critical thinking, the free exchange of ideas and knowledge discovery. 

We offer 3 types of series:


eXplore annual conference

Industry seminar series

Digital supply chain roundtable series













eXplore annual Conference

The LCL organised its 3rd annual eXplore Conference on 12 March 2019.


The theme of the conference was "Greening the Supply Chain" and the speakers, panel and guests talked about the topic from a broad range of perspectives from policy making, to academic theory, to real life initiatives and implementation by the business world.

Read the conference summary.


Industry Seminar Series

The LCL Industry Seminar Series invites supply chain professionals to our campus to give presentations on their expertise. It is an important recurrent event for our centre, in which new insights and ideas are shared and discussed within an open setting.

Some topics align closely with our current research directions, while others represent areas of interest to the supply chain community that are not formally being studied by our researchers. Diversity of topics is essential to meeting the purpose of the LCL Industry Seminar Series. Our goal is to provide a forum for interaction on themes related to supply chain among the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance, industry practitioners and students at and around the University of Luxembourg.

Even though the work and careers in academia and industry are quite different, it would be wrong to consider the fields of academic research and the business world as two separate silos. In fact, they are strongly interdependent. To be meaningful, the ultimate research goal, especially in a discipline like logistics and SCM, has to be the advancement and contribution to the growing success of businesses. This requires a good understanding of the practical challenges and thus a constant feedback loop between the two worlds. Moreover, solutions found by practitioners and researchers in one industry may spark the development of similar concepts and thus success stories in other industries as well.

The seminars are of particular interest to the professionals in the logistics and supply chain community. Students of our Master programme, faculty members and staff also attend the seminars.







We hosted MIT Megacity Logistics Lab, Cargolux, Post Luxembourg, Amazon, Delphi Technologies, Google Cloud, NS Dutch Railways, Ferrero, KPMG.

Other example of a past session: Alternative concepts for city airports


Additional seminars are planned throughout the academic year.

Registration is limited to 15 participants.

Registration by email to







Digital Supply Chain Roundtable Series

Digitisation, Industry 4.0, and Blockchains are among the emerging technologies that bear the potential of critically affecting these factors. In this series of roundtables, we will discuss, share, and outline ideas, strategies, experiences as well as research relating to the forthcoming transformational technologies.

The Digital Supply Chain Roundtable Series provides a place where our supply chain community can regularly come together to discuss and interact about new discoveries, techniques  and ideas. Participants collaborate, share business ideas and skill sets to strengthen their businesses together.


Supply chain cybersecurity Roundtable



15 May 2019 16:00 - 18:00


Is your supply chain resilient against cyber attacks?

For many years, resilience against cyber attacks only concerned companies who operate critical infrastructure. The recent ransomware attack that shut down Norsk Hydro’s aluminum production shows that today every supply chain is vulnerable. Even worse, since supply chains rely on trust, companies that have been compromised pose a risk to their own suppliers and customers. When adversaries seek to wreak havoc, companies need to stay ahead. Failure to do so can be devastating: employees locked out of their systems, suppliers sending forged invoices, customers leaking negotiation data.

This roundtable will bring together professionals and specialists who work at the interface of supply chain management and IT security.


Questions and issues addressed at this roundtable include:

  • What are best practices in supply chain cyber security?
  • How do companies prepare if customers or suppliers have been compromised?
  • How can companies make their supply chain more resilient against cyber outages?

Please register to the Supply Chain cybersecurity roundtable

The roundtables are of particular interest to the professionals in the logistics and supply chain community.

Registration is limited to 15 participants.

LCL same day delivery roundtable



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