Free Mover (outgoing)

As a Free Mover, students may select the host institution of their choice with the agreement of their study director. However, this only applies to universities that are not already partners (Erasmus or inter-university) in the student's study programme. Students MUST NOT apply at these partner universities (see List of Erasmus Partners for universities NOT available to free movers). Students applying anyway risk not getting the mobility validated here at the UL.

You are responsible to prepare your mobility semester yourself. You communicate with the potential host universities, you prepare and send all required paperwork there yourself. Tuition fees may apply! You stay enrolled at, however, your status will be "on mobility - chose the appropriate programme from the drop-down list when you enrol. While studying abroad as a "free mover" you don't pay tuition fees at but possibly at the host university. Your results are getting validated on the same terms like within the other mobility programmes granted you have properly completed the required documents (learning agreement, etc.).

You can find general information on Free Mover mobility on the SEVE mobility webpages.

You MUST send an email about your intention to study abroad as a free mover to the SEVE! Deadline for informing the SEVE mobility office :

winter semester:                     30. April

summer semester:                   31. October

When you inform the SEVE mobility office about your free mover mobility, you do not yet have to know to which host university you will go! Once you know, you will have to provide the necessary document(s) such as a learning agreement and you will have to sign a mobility contract.

How to choose the right university 

 What to do when:

Learning Agreement

Modified Learning Agreement

Transcript of Records (relevé de notes) and what to do when exams at host university are failed

Being exempt from mobility (dispense)


How to choose the right host university?

  • which university offers the courses that you need for your academic advancement?
  • most universities abroad offer courses held in English, however, the number of classes in English might be limited and exchange students are required to also participate in courses held in the native language. Make sure that your language skills in the host countries language are adequate.
  • when is a good time to leave - summer or winter semester? Pay attention to academic calendars of potential host universities - there might be difficulties with semester times.
  • which foreign experience might give your curriculum the extra boost?

IMPORTANT to know! Being exempt from mobility!

The mobility semester is obligatory for all bachelor students at the UL. If you have not been on mobility and you do not have a valid reason for an exemption from mobility you cannot graduate. An exemption from mobility is not automatically granted!

To receive an exemption from mobility, you must actively ask for it and might have to provide the necessary documentation. If you feel that one of the criteria for exemption listed below applies to you, please complete only the upper part (personal information) of the form digitally (handwritten forms will not be accepted):


and send it together with the required documents supporting your request to Stephanie Anderson. In certain cases you may be exempt from the mobility. However, you must follow the required procedure: applying for an exemption / release from mobility including the proper documentation. See criteria and required documents: 

  • a diploma showing that you spent at least 4 semesters at a foreign university
  • a transcript showing that you obtained at least 25 ECTS in the same study field (must already have been recognized by the study director) at a foreign university
  • a medical certificate showing that you suffer from a medical issue that requires special treatment and/or you have a handicap that does not allow a mobility
  • a composition of household (composition de ménage) showing that you have family obligations that require your presence at home
  • a high school diploma from a non-EU member country
  • ONLY FOR PART-TIME STUDENTS: a letter by employer confirming employment for at least 20 hours/week – limited for the concerned period of time or unlimited contract (letter not older than a month)