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Global Exchange - outgoing students

Faculty specific partner universities within the Global Exchange Programme


Learning Agreement

Modified Learning Agreement

Transcript of Records (relevé de notes) and what to do when exams at host university are failed


The Global Exchange programmes allows UL students to study at esteemed universities in countries beyond Europe. Besides university wide agreements with partner universities all over the world, FDEF maintains cooperations within study fields with selected universities. The description of the Global Exchange Programme and a list of all Partner Universities are available on the International Relations webpage.

General UL partner universities might not offer courses in your specific study field, please inform yourself prior to your candidacy which university best suits your study needs!

The programme is available to Bachelor and Master students in good standing (minimum average grade at time of application: 12) that are enrolled at the University of Luxembourg. However, Bachelor students must have successfully completed at least one semester to enter the selection process. A good knowledge of the language of instruction at the desired partner university is also required. Most host university ask for TOEFL or equivalent test results. Please be aware that a nomination by the UL does not guarantee being accepted at the host university. Some host universities have minimum average grade requirements.

If selected, bachelor students will leave in their 5th semester. For LLM students choosing a certain specialisation, there are special arrangements to allow them to leave in their 3rd semester. Stay tuned and visit the info session in autumn - the exact date will be announced through Moodle, by Email and on posters.


Faculty specific partner universities with the Global Exchange Programme



  • Insper (Instituto de Ensino e Resquisa), São Paulo (all FDEF)
  • IBMEC (Instituto Brasileiro de Mercado de Capitais), Rio de Janeiro (all FDEF)
  • Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo (law students)






National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow (Bachelor and Master in law students (courses in English only on Master level) & Master in Economics and Finance & Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation)

Please contact Stephanie Anderson for more information.