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ATOZ Foundation Scholarship


The ATOZ Foundation is set up under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg and supports educational projects, as it believes that education is the key to personal accomplishment, and that research and development are essential for personal and societal progress. The Foundation is equally eager to support projects promoting social cohesion. 

Under the ATOZ Foundation Scholarship Programme, one (1) high-potential applicant to the Master in European and International Tax Law (Master 2) of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance (FDEF) will be selected at the application stage to the Master programme.

The student will be selected according to the process and criteria indicated below, whereby the University of Luxembourg will assess and create a shortlist of potential candidates. The University, together with the ATOZ Foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg, will select the Fellowship recipient students and fund their grants.



The selected candidate will be able to benefit from a yearly stipend of 9.000 €. The selected student will receive a first instalment of 4.500€.

The payment of a second instalment of 4.500€ is subject to the mid-term assessment of the scholarship holder by the Study Programme Director in order to assess if s/he meets the criteria to receive the second instalment of the scholarship programme.



Candidates are eligible to the scholarship programme if they are:  

  • Selected in the LL.M. in European and International Tax Law
  • Committing to undertake full-time studies in the LL.M. in European and International Tax Law 

In the absence of qualifying candidate, no scholarship will be attributed for the year in question.



Candidates shall be invited by UNILU to submit, in their application to the LL.M. in European and International Tax cover letter expressing their interest in obtaining the scholarship, detailing their motivation for pursuing a career in taxation and their financial situation.

The deadline for applications is 15 July 2023 at 23h59.

Applications must be submitted to



The selection committee, composed of. Prof. Dr. Werner Haslehner (University of Luxembourg) and the members of the Management Committee of the ATOZ Foundation, will consider each applicant’s cover letter, as well as the overall impression of the applicants and their financial needs.

Please note, that incomplete files will be immediately rejected. No appeal is possible against the decisions. By applying to the scholarship programme, the applicant accepts this regulation in its entirety. 

For the selected students to benefit from the scholarship programme, they will have to sign a separate “fellowship agreement”.