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About the internships

New regulations regarding internships: as of 9 June 2020, there are new rules in the field of internships : see the Labour Law.

Regulated Internship:

An essential part of the programme, this type of internship is educational in nature and should enable students to implement knowledge into practice in their chosen vocational orientation. The intern should not work as a substitute employee.

Mandatory internships are organised and overseen by the University of Luxembourg, please refer to the Placement Calendar section.

From a contractual point of view, a placement agreement is signed by the host establishment, the intern and the course director at the University of Luxembourg. The intern is covered by school accident insurance. This protection for students during their studies extends to the duration and the location of the placement.

Non-regulated internship:

On their own initiative students can undertake internships during their holidays. These do not form part of the study programme. Such internships can be subject to the signature of a contract between the employer and the student. The University is not involved in this process.


In accordance with the Grand Ducal regulation of 17 December 2010 concerning accident insurance in the framework of early, pre-school, school and university education, interns enrolled at the University of Luxembourg are covered by accident insurance during their placement.

In case of accident during the internship, the trainee may contact the SEVE department to introduce an insurance declaration. The copy of the signed internship agreement is required to prove the internship.

What is the role of a Professional supervisor?

The professional supervisor has a fundamental role in the students’ experience during their internship. He/she has the following roles:

  • Integration: defining the tasks of the intern and introducing him/her to the relevant teams
  • Guidance: meeting the intern to provide him/her with these tasks, following up on progress and approving or modifying intern assignments, but also encouraging and motivating the intern
  • Evaluation: depending on the study programme, the professional supervisor takes part in the evaluation process

Looking for students?

Are you looking for interns? We kindly invite you to fill in the internship offer form and send it back by email, here-after all details.
Your internship offers will be forwarded to students of the targeted programmes.


Nadège Meyer-Hamy
Student Counsellor
Tel: (00352) 46 66 44 5201 or (00352) 46 66 44 6226