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Covid-19: New regulation on the Internship Course

Given the exceptional circumstances related to the Covid-19 pandemic that the University of Luxembourg is facing during the summer semester 2020, there is a need to adjust the rules of the Internship Course.

The modifications are established to mitigate the unavoidable impact on the pursue of your studies. It is expected that students who are due to complete their study this semester will be able to do so and graduate by the end of the calendar year 2020.

The following arrangements were announced by Catherine Léglu, Vice-Rector for academic affairs, and are applicable to all study programmes at the University for the summer semester 2020:

  1. Starting May 4th , internships that have not been cancelled could take place in an in-person mode upon agreement with the employer[1]. Internships are evaluated on the same scheme (evaluation form).
  2. Internships on remote working are evaluated on the same scheme (evaluation form) upon agreement with the study programme director, based on the remote working tasks.
  3. Compulsory internships whose period, which cannot be completed by August 31, 2020*: the student should be able to benefit from replacement work, in agreement with the study programme director, see the list of replacement work per study programme:

Master en Droit et Contentieux de l’Union Européenne (LL.M.)

  • Mémoire approfondi

Master in European Economic and Financial Criminal Law (LL.M.)

  • Paper on a topic previously validated by the study programme director
  • Summary legal note (note de synthèse de jurisprudence)
  • Case study
  • (Longer) Master thesis

Master in European Private Law (LL.M.)

  • (Longer) Master thesis: lengths and deadline of submission need to be specified.

Master in Space, Communication and Media Law (LL.M.)

  • Students and the employer can agree upon an internship on remote working.
  • Students whose internship has been cancelled by the employer before its start are offered the option of a full-length Master thesis.
  • Students whose internship is suspended by the employer during the internship should contact the directors of studies for finding a practicable solution.

Master in Economics and Finance / Bachelor Professionnel en Gestion

  • A Mémoire can substitute the Internship and its internship report;
  • An oral exam with the academic tutor remains the same: to be organised via Skype, Webex, etc…;
  • The professional tutor is allowed to evaluate the tasks of the intern. No grade is required on the internship. The evaluation is just an asset.


More details per study programme on the section “Adjustments” or “New rule” in the Internship Course on Moodle of your study programme. Please discuss with your Study programme Director on the replacement work to select and inform your SPA and Mrs Nadège Meyer-Hamy as well.

[1] Communication of the Rector dated 17.04.2020