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Internship Abroad

Are you interested in doing your internship abroad?

Think about using the Erasmus mobility for your internship!

The Erasmus mobility encourages students to take their internship in a company or institution from one of the 31 EU partner countries (apart from Greater Region)


Erasmus internship objectives (from 3 to 12 months)

  • Helping you to adapt to the requirements of the European labour market
  • Develop language skills and improve your understanding of the social and economic culture of your host country
  • Develop soft skills such as open mindedness and gain European professional experience
  • Recognition of the internship in the framework of your programme.

Who is eligible ?

  • Student from a country part of the academic programme or long-life programme, or from  any other country, enrolled in a program leading to a recognized diploma, in an establishment of higher education
  • Student enrolled in an establishment of higher education, holder of the Extended Erasmus University Charter  
  • Student, starting from his/her first academic year


Your internship is financed by a scholarship, aiming to pay for the moving, transportation, insurance and housing. For a better immersion and involvement in the internship, students are required to live in the hosting country

The number of internship-scholarship being limited each year, course directors select the most relevant internship projects, the ones that fits most to the university programme. Do not hesitate to get in touch with the internship coordinator to get some help writing your project.


  • An internship agreement shall be established between the hosting institution/company, the student and the University of Luxembourg. Please contact the FDEF internship coordinator
  • An individual training agreement shall be signed by the three contracting parties and attached to the internship agreement established by SEVE Mobility. The latter is in charge of the scholarships payment follow-up

How to find an internship abroad?

You are required to search for your hosting company (within the 31 UE countries above mentioned)

Several internship offers are available on the following websites: