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MARS at SCHOOL, 2020 European School Luxembourg 2




Conference on Fast Fashion

European School Lux 2

Tuesday 11, 9.00 – 12.00

Salle de fête


Organized by the Global Issues Network with the help of APEEEL and the scientific support of MARS UNI (, the Conference aimed to engage students and experts from research institutions, civil society and private sector in a fruitful and interactive debate, with the goal to raise awareness on the negative aspects of fast fashion and on how to become more sustainable consumers.

The Conference will involve students from S4, S5 and S6 in 3-time slots, with the first slot starting at 9.00.


MARS at SCHOOL, May 20 - 24 2019 European School Luxembourg 2






MARS at school





MARS celebrates the Sustainable Festival this May contributing to the realization of the first Sustainable Week at the European School EELUX2 in Luxembourg, from May 20 to May 24, with the scientific support of Dr.ssa Tiziana Tamborrinii in coordination with Prof. Barbara Puccetti and Dr.ssa Angela Piccolomini, EELUX2, and the support of Apeeel2.

Thematic workshops will be organized in class through the week with Experts from Uni and from other Scientific Institutions of Luxembourg.

The following experts from the academic research,  Institutions and civil organizations will be host in class to give talks to the students and discuss with them the 'hot' issues about Sustainability






Paula Hild, MARS; Patrick Pereira Dias, UNI; Francesco Sarracino, STATEC; Thomas Gibon, LIST; Ricarda Braum and Julie Brohée-Six, PLASTIC SWITCH; Flavia Carbonetti, Myeinfuhlung; Giulia Bruni Roccia, The Global Shapers Luxembourg; Luigi de Razza and Antonella Ciconte, La libreria Italiana; Josiene Hoffmann,









Conférence: « Nord-Sud : Engagement pour un développement durable »

Conference at Lycee Josy Barthel - 23 May 2019



Mars contributed to the Conference 'Nord-Sud: Engagement pour un développement durable', closing event of a long program of  activities of awareness dedicated to the Agenda 2030 organized by the Lycee Josy Barthel in collaboration  with Cooperation Nord-Sud


Pogram of the Event


Mars Presentation