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ODSD 2021 Rethinking Cities: from Smart to Human

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Sprecher: Academics, international experts, stakeholders from local and international Institutions and Civil Community
Veranstaltung: Donnerstag, den 21. Oktober 2021 14:00 - Freitag, den 22. Oktober 2021 16:30
Ort: Online event
98-100, boulevard Konrad Adenauer
L-2950 Luxembourg

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The 2021 edition of the October Days for Sustainable Development will focus on how to design and develop more resilient and inclusive cities and communities during and after the pandemic by tackling the built and the natural environment.
The pandemic hit cities severely. Impacts on urban population were dramatic and often unequal across the communities. At the same time, cities responded timely to the crisis with great capacity of adaptation and strategic adjustment showing that resilience is an essential attribute for a city to be ‘livable’ and sustainable.
The 7th October Days’ edition will draw on these lessons from the crisis engaging with scholars, entrepreneurs, social and political stakeholders on how to rethink cities in the future.

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