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Call for papers: Mapping English in Luxembourg

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Veröffentlicht am Montag, den 19. Dezember 2016

The Institute of English Studies in collaboration with the Institute of Luxembourgish Linguistics and Literatures, are launching a call for papers for their first interdisciplinary conference 'Mapping English in Luxembourg', which will take place at the University of Luxembourg on 9 and 10 June 2017.

The social and cultural environment of Luxembourg is famously marked by its multilingualism, intercultural contact and cross-border movements, within the Grande Région, and beyond. In this very diverse cultural environment a multitude of languages are intertwined and associated with competing social and political positions.

English – or rather the many Englishes of speakers with complex linguistic, regional, national, cultural and professional backgrounds—has been gaining importance. Given that the awareness of the English-speaking world in terms of politics and culture has been growing in Luxembourg since the beginning of the twentieth century, researching this dimension of intercultural contact represents a necessary innovation to English Studies and Luxembourg Studies.

This conference seeks to explore the development of the varieties of English spoken, written and read in Luxembourg. We wish to investigate and complicate monolithic narratives of Luxembourgish culture and history as primarily shaped by its geographical location between France, Germany and Belgium.

The Institute of English Studies at the University of Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Institute of Luxembourgish Linguistics and Literatures, aims to investigate the phenomenon of English in Luxembourg from an interdisciplinary diachronic and/or synchronic perspective. Scholars of the disciplines of Literary Studies, Linguistics, Visual Culture, History, Media Studies, Philosophy, Geography, Political Science and Education are invited to reflect on topics such as:

  • The role of English in Luxembourgish society and education
  • English-language teaching in Luxembourg
  • Luxembourgish and resident authors writing in English
  • English as lingua franca in the context of Luxembourg
  • The features of spoken and written English in Luxembourg
  • The political and economic relations between Luxembourg and the English-speaking world
  • Consumption of English-speaking media in a Luxembourg context
  • Translations from and into English in a Luxembourg context
  • English as an academic and scientific language (in Luxembourg)
  • The use of English in the social media in a Luxembourg context
  • Intercultural contact in the arts

Please submit an abstract of 200-250 words for 20-minute papers to by 1 March 2017.

Organising Committee: Katrien Deroey, Anne-Marie Millim, Agnès Prüm, Julia De Bres, Jeanne E. Glesener