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Bachelor in Economics

Finance Track
Strategy & Innovation Track

Since 2005, the Bachelor en Sciences Economiques et de Gestion (BASEG) has undergone a certain number of modifications. The current reform aims to respond to changes in (i) the content of economics courses, (ii) the needs of Bachelor holders in order to access master's programmes, and (iii) the economic environment.

First, with regard to the content, the major change is the introduction of a strong finance and management component. Without aiming for an early specialization, the new Bachelor's degree will offer students the opportunity to learn about finance or certain aspects of management, with the introduction of two tracks (Finance / Strategy and Innovation) in the last semester of the program.

Second, concerning the name, the program has been renamed "Bachelor en Sciences Economiques" which will allow better differentiating from the “Bachelor en Gestion” and thus reflecting much more accurately the content and purpose of the program.

The reform of the Bachelor en Sciences Economiques has come into force in 2021/22 with the opening of the first year of the new program.

The second and third years of the new program will open in 2022/23 and 2023/24 respectively.

Course aims

The Bachelor en Sciences Économiques is a three-year degree course (1st stage of the new European system of university education). It aims at the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in economics based on a solid quantitative methodological base.

The course also includes related and complementary disciplines, including politics, history, law, geography, with the aim of enhancing the students awareness of different aspects of current economic issues.


The three years (six semesters) of the Bachelor course are organised by the University of Luxembourg.
A mandatory mobility period of a minimum of one semester at a university abroad is required by the Law on the establishment of the University of Luxembourg. For students who start their studies at the University of Luxembourg, this mobility must take place in the 3rd, 4th or 5th semester. To facilitate mobility, the University has concluded agreements with host universities.

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Educational & pedagogical profile of the Bachelor en sciences économiques

  • The majority of the teaching is organized in the form of lectures, some of which are accompanied by tutorials. In order to achieve optimum training for students, certain modules, especially in the first year of the program (e.g. Mathematics, Statistics), are duplicated and taught in small groups.
  • A certain number of tutoring sessions are provided by doctoral students, for quantitative subjects in the first year of the program
  • The fifth semester includes an elective module consisting of specialized courses in law, economics and management.
  • In the sixth semester 2 tracks will be offered to students :       

1.     Finance

2.     Strategy and Innovation

The choice between one or the other track will allow them to be introduced at the undergraduate level to disciplines which will be developed at master's level and thus facilitate their transition to master's degrees in finance, economics or management. 

Career paths

The Bachelor in Sciences Economiques is an academic and generalist program, designed to prepare its graduates to pursue studies, primarily in a Master's degree, in the field of economics, finance or management, at the University of Luxembourg or abroad.

It can also be the gateway to business schools or master’s degrees in specialties other than those mainly taught, such as politics or economic law, as well as providing access to specialized professional activities in the various banking segments, corporate management as well as national, regional and local government offices. 

Admission criteria

Access to the first year of a Bachelor's degree is subject to a selection procedure. The number of students is limited to 180. According to Art. 32 of the Universities Act, access to Bachelor's degree program is possible for the following persons:

  • Holder of a Luxembourg secondary school diploma (Classique or Technique)
  • Holder of a diploma recognized as equivalent by the Ministry of National Education

The selection is made on the basis of the student's results for the current and previous year (last 3 semesters or last 5 terms), plus a motivation letter (preferably in English).

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Programme at a glance

  • 6 semesters
  • 400 €/semester
    (Semesters 1&2)
  • 200€/semester
    (Semesters 3 to 6)
  • Teaching languages: French (60%) and English (40%)
  • Courses taught on Belval Campus (virtual tour)