Master in Accounting and Audit

Entrance Examination

As part of the application process for the Master’s degree course in Accounting and Audit, all applicants have to complete an entrance examination.

First-year students to this programme come from different academic backgrounds. Most students have done their Bachelor’s degree at different universities, in different regions and sometimes in different majors. Some might have already worked in an accounting or auditing firm after college. In order to ensure that the students will form a homogenous group and to be able to ensure certain level of quality, it is important to identify possible knowledge gaps.

The purpose of the entrance examination is to determine the students’ previous knowledge in accounting. The problems addressed in the entrance examination deal with basic and important knowledge in accounting.

The test is not necessarily an indication of the required level of previous knowledge needed to successfully complete the Master’s programme. It is, however, thought to point out possible knowledge gaps. These gaps can either be filled during the regular course work of the Masters by putting particular emphasis on these areas or by engaging in further self-study. Nevertheless, it is not intended to systematically repeat all required basic knowledge within the Master’s programme.

Therefore, wrong answers in the entrance examination do not irrevocably result in the disqualification of the applicant. However, we do expect that the applicants demonstrate their experience in dealing with the questions in detail. Since it is a take-home exam, we expect applicants to engage in literature research on their own (for some recommended readings, see below). That way we will be able to evaluate whether students are able to make up for missing knowledge on their own. In this respect, the entrance examination serves as an evaluation criterion for the overall accounting knowledge, as well as the competence to make up for missing knowledge.

Hence, should the test results show absolutely no prior knowledge or efforts to acquire the same, it might lead to the disqualification of the applicant.

The examination is a take-home exam. After a review of the application documents, the entrance examination will be emailed to all candidates. Candidates have 5 days to complete and re-submit the exam. They will be notified about the period at least 5 days in advance.

Recommended Readings:

  • Wood/Robinson (2008, 7th edition): Book-Keeping and Accounts
  • ICB Practical Bookkeeping: Beginner/Intermediate, Kaplan Publishing; Revised edition (Sep 2008)
  • Picker/Leo/Loftus/Wise/Clark/Alfredson (2013, 3rd edition): Applying International Financial Reporting Standards