Working papers 2010

Marie Lambert (joint with George Hübner )


 Marie Lambert (joint with George Hübner )


 Malika Hamadi


 Sascha Füllbrunn and Tibor Neugebauer


Thorsten Lehnert (joint with Remco C.J., Zwinkels,Bart Frijns)


Tibor M. Neugebauer  (joint with John D. Hey, Carmen M. Pasca )


 Tibor Neugebauer (joint with Juan A. Lacomba, Francisco Lagos  )


Theo Vermaelen and Christian C.P. Wolff  (joint with George Pennacchi  )


Boissaux M. and  Schiltz J.


Charles-Henri Reuter


Nikolaos Papanikolaou


Nikolaos Papanikolaou and Christian Wolff


Theoharry Grammatikos and Robert Vermeulen


Tibor Neugebauer