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Administrative Law: Luc Heuschling

African Law: Gilles Cuniberti, Jörg Gerkrath, David Hiez, Séverine Ménétrey

Arbitration: Pascal Ancel, Gilles Cuniberti, Patrick Kinsch, Séverine Ménétrey, André Prüm



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Banking Law: Pierre-Henri Conac, André Prüm, Isabelle Riassetto

Business Law: André Prüm



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Civil Procedure: Gilles Cuniberti, Séverine Ménétrey, Élise Poillot

Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) Law: Isabelle Riassetto

Company LawPierre-Henri Conac, Isabelle Corbisier, André Prüm, Isabelle Riassetto

Competition Law: Herwig Hofmann

Constitutional Law: Jörg Gerkrath, Luc Heuschling

Consumer Law: Élise Poillot

Contract Law: Pascal Ancel, Isabelle Corbisier, David Hiez, Élise Poillot, André Prüm, Isabelle Riassetto

Cooperative Law: Isabelle Corbisier, David Hiez

Criminal Procedure and International Criminal Law: Stefan Braum, Katalin Ligeti



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"Droit Princier": Luc Heuschling

Data Protection Law : Mark D. ColeHerwig Hofmann



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Economic and Financial Criminal Law: Stefan Braum, Katalin Ligeti

European Administrative Law: Herwig Hofmann

European Constitutional Law: Herwig Hofmann

European Institutional Law: Jörg Gerkrath, Herwig Hofmann, Eleftheria Neframi

European Litigation: Eleftheria Neframi

European Public Law: Herwig Hofmann

European Regulatory Law: Herwig Hofmann

External Relations of the European Union: Herwig Hofmann, Eleftheria Neframi



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Financial Law: Pierre-Henri Conac, André Prüm, Isabelle Riassetto

Fundamental Rights: Jörg Gerkrath, Luc Heuschling, Herwig Hofmann, Johan Van der Walt



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Horizontal Effect of Fundamental Rights: Johan Van der Walt

Humanitarian Law: Matthew Happold



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International Commercial Law: Gilles Cuniberti, André Prüm

International Economic Law: Herwig Hofmann

International Law: Matthew Happold, Mahulena Hofmann

Investment Law: Séverine Ménétrey

Intellectual Property (IP) Law: Mark D. Cole



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Law and Development: David Hiez, Séverine Ménétrey

Law and Literature: Johan Van der Walt

Law and Religion: Isabelle Riassetto

Law and Sacrifice: Johan Van der Walt

Legal Clinic: Élise Poillot

Legal Education: Pascal AncelÉlise Poillot, André Prüm

Legal Traditions of the World/Comparative Legal Traditions: Gilles CunibertiÉlise Poillot

Luxembourg Law: André Prüm

Luxembourg Law database: LERIS (Letzeburger Rechts Informations System): The database gathers over 6,500 references available free-of-charge.



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Media, Internet and Telecommunications Law: Mark D. Cole, André Prüm, Jean-Louis Schiltz



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Non-profit Organisation Law: Isabelle Corbisier, David Hiez



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Philosophy of Law: Isabelle Corbisier, Johan Van der Walt

Private International Law: Gilles Cuniberti, Patrick Kinsch



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Satellite Law: Mahulena Hofmann

Solidarity Economy: Isabelle Corbisier, David Hiez

State Aid and Subsidies: Herwig Hofmann

Stock Exchange Law: Pierre-Henri Conac, André Prüm

Substantive European Law/Internal Market Law: Eleftheria Neframi



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Tax Law: Werner Haslehner

Tort Law: Pascal Ancel, André Prüm, Isabelle Riassetto

Transnational Public Law: Herwig Hofmann



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Wealth Management Law: Isabelle Riassetto

World Trade Organisation (WTO) Law: Herwig Hofmann



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