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Space, Communication and Media Law

The Space, Communication and Media Law research group within the Research Unit in Law (RUL) brings together all researchers working on the law governing the different types of:

  • space activities;
  • telecommunication;
  • information technologies and services;
  • media;
  • intellectual property;
  • data protection.

In a digitalized world and with Luxembourg as a hub for media and ICT companies as well as a global player in the satellite communications context, the group’s research is one of the focus areas of the RUL and the University.


By the nature of this field, the research undertaken in the group has a strong international law focus, especially in space law, satellite communication, and freedom of expression aspects. It encompasses the legal framework of the European Union, especially in the area of media, electronic communications, intellectual property and data protection.

It also includes a comparative approach on national solutions in the field. The comparative approach covers the analysis and continuous observation of developments in the relevant laws of Luxembourg as well as major legal systems that either influence the national framework or have a specific impact internationally.

Photo: ASTRA 1KR Model H, © SES