Two closely connected subjects are tackled by the Space, Communication and Media Law research group:

Both are supported by the expertise of Prof. Jean-Louis Schiltz, invited professor, lawyer working in the field and previous Media and Communications Minister of Luxembourg.



The research group has been conducting a number of projects.

  • The Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) project for instance focuses on the transposition and implementation of the European Union (EU) AVMSD in all 28 EU Member States. This research provides free access to English translations of all relevant national execution measures. The project also analyses the future EU copyright law.
  • Other core projects deal with:
    • the analysis of legal framework of satellite communication in the international, regional and national framework, accompanied by the examination of liability of space-based services;
    • the framework for mitigation of harmful interference with communication signals.

Additional Topics of Interest

The group is also interested in evaluating legal challenges of cloud computing and studying the current status and reform of EU data protection law.



The group regularly organises conferences in Luxembourg like the annual Luxembourg Workshops on Space and Satellite Communication Law, which are concluded by the publication of the proceedings:

All members of the research group participate in international workshops and conferences to present research results to the academic community, practitioners and a wider audience. Reports about these activities are detailed in the group members' web pages.