Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences

The Behavioural and Social Sciences develop and advance scientific knowledge about the brain, human cognition, social behaviour, and culture, including research on the interplay between individuals and their physical, economic and social environments as well as their development across the life span. They are crucial for the understanding of the interactions between health, individual behaviour, cognition, personality, social environment, and contextual factors.  

Research in the Department of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences spans a wide spectrum of current areas of investigation, ranging from neurophysiology, neurocognition and behaviour, the economics of health and well-being, to clinical and health psychology, educational, social and media psychology, and developmental and cultural psychology. The Department’s focus also includes psychological methodology, psychometrics, assessment and user-experience. It involves numerous research groups working in three institutes (Cognitive Science and Assessment, Health and Behaviour, and Lifespan Development, Family, and Culture), in close collaboration with national partners in Luxembourg from research institutions, industry, social organizations, as well as international research institutions. Research in the Department takes an interdisciplinary approach and is fully committed to the research priorities of the University, which include the digital world, education, and health, and the societal and scientific challenges that they entail.


Anna Elena Kornadt

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