Damien Brevers

Damien Brevers
Postadresse Université du Luxembourg
2, Avenue de l'Université
L-4365 Esch-sur-Alzette
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In press

See detailCognitive processes underlying impaired decision-making in gambling disorder.
Brevers, Damien; Vögele, Claus; Billieux, Joël

in Zaleskiewicz, Thomas (Ed.) Psychological Perspectives on Financial Decision Making. (in press)

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See detailBrain mechanisms underlying prospective thinking of sustainable behaviours
Brevers, Damien; Baeken, Chris; Maurage, Pierre; Sescousse, Guillaume; Vögele, Claus; Billieux, Joel

in Nature Sustainability (2021)

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See detailCognitive Factors associated to Gaming Disorders
Billieux, Joël; Potenza, Marc; Maurage, Pierre; Brevers, Damien; King, Daniek

in Verdejo-Garcia, Antonio (Ed.) Cognition and addiction: A Researcher’s Guide From Mechanisms Towards Interventions (2020)

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See detailExamining neural reactivity to gambling cues in the age of sports betting
Brevers, Damien

in Journal of Behavioral Addictions (2019)

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See detailExamining neural reactivity to gambling cues in the age of online betting
Brevers, Damien; Sescousse, Guillaume; Maurage, Pierre; Billieux, Joël

in Current Behavioral Neuroscience Reports (2019), 6(3), 59-71

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See detailStrategies for self-controlling social media use: Classification and role in preventing social media addiction symptoms.
Brevers, Damien; Turel, Ofir

in Journal of behavioral addictions (2019), 8(3), 554-563

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See detailEditorial: Etiology, Pathogenesis, and Consequences of Maladaptive Habits.
Malloy-Diniz, Leandro Fernandes; Brevers, Damien; Turel, Ofir

in Frontiers in psychology (2019), 10

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See detailThe impact of self-control cues on subsequent monetary risk-taking.
Brevers, Damien; Foucart, Jennifer; Turel, Ofir; Bertrand, Anais; Alaerts, Mikael; Verbanck, Paul; Kornreich, Charles; Bechara, Antoine

in Journal of behavioral addictions (2018), 7(4), 1044-1055

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See detailCue reactivity modulates proactive and reactive motor response inhibition in frequent gamblers.
Brevers, Damien; He, Qinghua; Keller, Brenton; Noël, Xavier; Bechara, Antoine

in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience (2016)

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See detailMindfulness training as part of a treatment for psychological trauma caused by mobbing - A pilot study.
Veeser, Joannes; Vandriette, Y.M.; Kornreich, Charles; Brevers, Damien; Ammendola, Sarah; Corten, Philippe; Verbanck, Paul

in Acta Psychiatrica Belgica (2015)

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See detailEtude des déterminants du syndrome amotivationnel chez les consommateurs de cannabis
Binji, Natasha; Antoniali, Valérie; Noël, Xavier; Brevers, Damien; Valsamis, Joseph; Verbanck, Paul

in Acta Psychiatrica Belgica (2013)

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See detailAssessment and treatment of Tourette Syndrome: An evidence-based review.
Heeren, Alexandre; Brevers, Damien; Eeckout, Coralie; Philippot, Pierre

in Revue Francophone de Clinique Comportementale et Cognitive (2012)

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See detailSport Superstition: Mediation of Psychological Tension on Non-Professional Sportsmen’s Superstitious Rituals
Brevers, Damien; Noël, Xavier; Dan, Berbard; Nils, Frédéric

in Journal of Sport Behavior (2011)

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