Our research at the Institute of Cognitive Science and Assessment aims at understanding and measuring cognitive processes across the lifespan.






While cognition and learning processes in the 21st century continue to involve the classical cultural tools and techniques such as numeracy and literacy, they have nevertheless undergone a dramatic change. The classical tools and techniques are embedded in an environment which is increasingly enriched by technological tools.

If we want to implement efficient learning environments, we have to understand how we deal with these new cognitive demands and how the human brain has been able to adapt to the complex, technology enriched and – for the specific case of Luxembourg multilingual environments that have emerged during the last decades. Furthermore, the spread of technology in our modern society raises the question of shaping our technology-rich environment in a way that will not unnecessarily burden our cognitive system.

Research is organized into four Research Groups, where specialists in psychology, psychometrics, human-computer interaction and educational sciences are working on interdisciplinary research projects.