The Documentation Centre for Youth Research is a part of the Institute for Research on Generations and Family and is administered by the Research Group Youth Research. (Head: Prof. Dr. Helmut Willems, Documentation Centre development & administration: Rouven Hehlert).

The Digital Documentation and Research Centre – Youth (DDRC) is an information and service platform (www.jugend-in-luxemburg.lu) created by the University of Luxembourg’s Youth Research group where users can access and download information on youth-related research activities and publications in Luxembourg. One of the unique features of the DDRC platform is a database for grey literature in Luxembourg including research and evaluation reports and policy and strategy papers. Therefore, the DDRC serves as a prototype for research documentation in the RU INSIDE and increases the transparency and visibility of research not only to students and researchers, but also to the media and to field workers. By providing knowledge and information, the Centre also plays an active role for evidence-based policy making and the professionalization of field work in Luxembourg.