CDBE: Capacity Development in the Basic Education Sector in Kosovo (Katja Andersen)


2013 – 2021


  • German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Context and objectives

Since Kosovo’s declaration of independence in 2008, the country’s education system has been subject to extensive reforms. However, their implementation has been delayed for various reasons, some of which are mutually reinforcing. The education sector is underfunded, and the existing budget is inefficiently allocated. There are considerable shortfalls in resources, professional skills and capacity at all levels and the quality of education is extremely low. Kosovo’s first-time participation in PISA 2015 has ranked the country among the last three countries of 72, showing that Kosovar students lack critical thinking, problem-solving and creative skills. The deficits in the education sector can be attributed to many different factors. One of the main problems is the low quality of teaching. Teachers do not receive sufficient training to give children and teenagers the practical skills they will need in their daily lives. The special educational needs of children from marginalised groups are not sufficiently addressed in the formal education system. The importance of education for the development of Kosovo is not given due recognition, as education is not treated with the appropriate level of priority. The deficiencies in the basic education system have dramatic consequences for all subsequent levels of education, and hinder the country’s economic, social and political development. The project takes a systematic, multilevel approach to tackling the core problems in the basic education system (see for further information:

Project team

  • Ass. Prof. Dr. Katja Andersen, Prof. Dr. Bardhyl Musai, Boris Scharlowski, Linda Ukimeraj, Lulzim Thaçi, Ilir Mazreku, Shpëtim Kastrati et al.


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  • Musai, Bardhyl; Andersen, Katja Natalie; Kastrati, Rexhep; Sahiti, Luan; Bejtuhallu, Rasim, Grapci, Linda; Beka, Arlinda; Thaçi, Lulzim (2013). Teaching and learning of natural science in grades 1-5 of primary school: Manual for teacher training. Prishtina: GIZ.