English Studies

Researchers in our young institute (created in 2016) investigate English in contexts of linguistic and cultural diversity, taking a descriptive (non-prescriptive) and analytical stance. Our research is strongly grounded in the Luxembourg context, which provides a unique standpoint for exploring the dynamics of English use in multilingual and intercultural environments.

Research Focus

We approach English from both linguistic and literary perspectives, with the following focal points of research:

  • Literatures in English in Luxembourg (creative writing, reception, and literary history)
  • Features of English used in Luxembourg (phonology, syntax, lexis)
  • Teaching and learning English in Luxembourg
  • Ideologies of English in multilingual and intercultural environments

Special Expertise

Our team has special expertise in the following areas:

  • Non-canonical genres (fictional and non-fictional)
  • Popular culture and fiction
  • English-medium instruction and academic English
  • Minority languages and language and minorities
  • Critical sociolinguistics of multilingualism

Research-Related Teaching Activities

Our research is highly interrelated with our teaching activities within the Bachelor of European Cultures (English Studies), where we offer courses on topics including popular culture, auto/biographical writing, specific periods in literature, applied linguistics, multilingualism, discourse analysis, and varieties of English.

Institutional Cooperation

Our Institute collaborates with structures working in related areas, including:

Outreach Activities

We are committed to outreach activities involving:

  • The education system (schools, Ministry of Education)
  • Literary authors in Luxembourg
  • English language publishers in Luxembourg
  • Migrant associations

If you are interested in any of the above areas of research, we warmly invite you to get in touch!