Prof. Dr. Patrick Sunnen

Patrick Sunnen

Associate professor

Fachgebiet(e) Education & instruction / Sociology & social sciences / Multidisciplinary, general & others
Forschungsthemen Learning in joint activities, Teaching/learning situations, EM/CA inspired video analysis, ICT-mediated joint activities
Fakultät oder Zentrum Fakultät für Geisteswissenschaften, Erziehungswissenschaften und Sozialwissenschaften
Department Fachbereich Sozialwissenschaften
Postadresse Université du Luxembourg
Maison des Sciences Humaines
11, Porte des Sciences
L-4366 Esch-sur-Alzette
Büroadresse MSH, E03 45-080
Telefon (+352) 46 66 44 9211
Fax (+352) 46 66 44 6513
Soziale Medien & Blogs
Gesprochene Sprachen English, French, German, Luxembourgish
Forschungsaufenthalte in Germany, United Kingdom

Research topics: Learning in joint activities, teaching/learning situations, ICT-mediated joint activities, EM/CA inspired video analysis


Patrick Sunnen is Associate professor of Educational Sciences in the Institute of Education and Society. Since his doctoral research, he relied on video analysis to construct data and generate findings with regard to human sense-making in joint activities. Over the last years he moved from a video ethnographic approach to an EM/CA inspired approach to conduct multimodal interaction analysis of joint activities in teaching/learning situations and ICT-mediated contexts.

Last updated on: Donnerstag, den 15. Februar 2018

Academic Qualifications

  • PhD in Education at Frankfurt University, Germany
  • MA in ICT in Education at the Institute of Education (University of London), England
  • Diplom-Pädagoge, Außerschulische Bildung at the University of Trier, Germany
  • Certificat d’études pédagogiques at the Institut Supérieur d’Etudes et de Recherches Pédagogiques, Luxembourg

Professional Career  

  • Since 2009 Coordinator of the LCMI research field “Tracing learning processes”
  • Since 2008 Associate professor in Education at the University of Luxembourg.
  • 2005-2009 Lecturer in Education at the University of Luxembourg
  • 2004-2005 Scientific collaborator on a project at the University of Luxembourg
  • 2002-2004 Scientific collaborator at Frankfurt University
  • 1993-2000 Primary school teacher

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Last updated on: 27 Feb 2018

 Research projects

  • 2018-2021 ORBIT – Overcoming Breakdowns in Teams with Interactive Tabletops (PI); funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR ; CORE 2017 funding scheme); in partnership with LIST (Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology)
  • 2011-2014 ColeaP - Collaborative Learning among Peers (PI); funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR; CORE 2010 funding scheme)
  • 2008-2010 ProCLaS - Processes of Collaborative Learning among Siblings. University of Luxembourg (PI); funded by the University of Luxembourg (internal funding scheme)
  • 2004-2007 Le plurilinguisme auprès des enfants jusqu'à 9 ans: Diversité linguistique, apprentissage du luxembourgeois et entrée dans la littératie (collaborator) ; funded by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR ; funding scheme « vivre »)

Reviewer for international conferences

  • International Conference of The Learning Sciences (ICLS), since 2014
  • International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), since 2015
  • European Association for Practicioner Research on Improving Learning (EAPRIL) conference, 2014 & 2015
  • MultiPluriTrans - Emerging Fields in Educational Ethnography conference, 2013

Last updated on: 15 Feb 2018

  • Doctoral School in Educational Sciences (DSES, 2017)
  • Doctoral School of Humanities and Social Sciences (DSHSS, 2018-)
  • MA Management und Coaching im Bildungs- und Sozialwesen (MAMACO, 2012–)
  • Bachelor en Sciences de l’Education (BScE, 2005-

Last updated on: 15 Feb 2018

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Full Text
See detail'Being a space mining crew': How participants jointly discover their complementary resources while engaging into a serious game at an interactive tabletop
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick; Heuser, Svenja; Maquil, Valerie; Afkari, Hoorieh

in L.Gomez Chova, A. Lopez Martinez, I. Candel Torres: Proceedings, International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies 2020 (2020, July)

Full Text
See detailReading Aloud in Human-Computer Interaction: How Spatial Distribution of Digital Text Units at an Interactive Tabletop Contributes to the Participants’ Shared Understanding
Heuser, Svenja; Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

in Staphanidis, Constantine; Kurosu, Masaaki; Degen, Helmut; Reinerman-Jones, Lauren (Eds.) HCI International 2020 - Late Breaking Papers: Multimodality and Intelligence (2020)

Full Text
See detailDeveloping an Interactive Tabletop Mediated Activity to Induce Collaboration by Implementing Design Considerations Based on Cooperative Learning Principles
Sunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Heuser, Svenja; Afkari, Hoorieh; Maquil, Valérie

in Stephanidis, Constantine; Antona, Margherita (Eds.) HCI International 2020 - Posters (2020, July)

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See detailInteractional Competence enacted in Multilingual Turn-Taking
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

Presentation (2019, May 31)

Full Text
See detailLe Dialogue 'dans tous ses états' : Regards croisés sur les discours dans 'Mona Lisa Smile'
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick; Weber, Jean-Marie

Presentation (2019, October 17)

Full Text
See detailDesigning collaborative scenarios on tangible tabletop interfaces - insights from the implementation of paper prototypes in the context of a multidisciplinary design workshop
Sunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Heuser, Svenja; Afkari, Hoorieh; Maquil, Valérie

in Proceedings of the 17th European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: The International Venue on Practice-centred Computing and the Design of Cooperation Technologies - Exploratory Papers, Reports of the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (2019, June)

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Full Text
See detailThe valuable use of video based analysis to reflect on teaching practices: Complementary analytic views on classroom activities
Arend, Béatrice; Weber, Jean-Marie; Sunnen, Patrick

Scientific Conference (2018, June)

Full Text
See detailORBIT - Overcoming Breakdowns in Teams with Interactive Tabletops
Sunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Maquil, Valérie

in Kay, Judy; Luckin, Rose (Eds.) Rethinking Learning in the Digital Age: Making the Learning Sciences Count, 13th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2018 (2018, June)

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See detail"Wie Zeki zu Göhtisch kommt": Lehrerkonstruktion im Dialog
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

Scientific Conference (2017, April 07)

Full Text
See detailCoping with turn-taking:Investigating breakdowns in human-robot interaction from a Conversation Analysis (CA) perspective
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

in Proceedings: The 8th International Conference on Society and Information Technologies (2017, March)

Full Text
See detailInvestigating Breakdowns in Human Robot Interaction: A Conversation Analysis Guided Single Case Study of a Human-NAO Communication in a Museum Environment
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick; Caire, Patrice

in International Journal of Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial, Mechatronic and Manufacturing Engineering (2017), 11(5), 839-845

Full Text
See detail"Okay, yes it's true" - Doing discovering work in a tangible-user-interface-mediated joint problem solving physics activity
Sunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Maquil, Valérie

in Gómez Chova, Luis; López Martínez, Agustín; Candel Torres, Ignacio (Eds.) EDULEARN17 - Conference Proceedings (2017)

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See detail"What was that sport?" Analysis of an IRF (input, response, feedback) designed Human Robot Interaction
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

Scientific Conference (2016, November)

Full Text
See detailDialogic Classroom Talk - Rethinking 'Messy' Classroom Interaction
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

in EAPRIL Conference Proceedings (2016, March), (2), 423-434

Full Text
See detailDialogic Teaching: Rethinking "Messy" Classroom Interactions in a French Grammar Lesson
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

in Shoniregun, Charles A. (Ed.) Ireland International Conference on Education, Dublin 25-28 April 2016 (2016)

Full Text
See detailDialogic Teaching. Investigating Teacher-Student Talk from a CA Perspective.
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

in International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education (2016), 7(4), 2906-2912

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See detailDialogic Teaching: Rethinking "messy" classroom interactions
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

Scientific Conference (2015, November)

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Full Text
See detailPerspectives do matter - «Joint Screen» a promising methodology for multimodal interaction analysis
Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick; Fixmer, Pierre; Sujbert, Monika

in Classroom Discourse (2014), 5(1), 38-50

See detailEliciting artefacts: How participants co-construct artefacts as relevant in the social and semiotic organisation of activity
Fixmer, Pierre; Arend, Béatrice; Sunnen, Patrick

Scientific Conference (2014, October 07)

Full Text
See detailMit Video einen mikroanalytischen Blick auf gemeinsam konstruierte Lernprozesse von Kindern richten
Sujbert, Monika; Sunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Fixmer, Pierre

in Kopp, B.; Martschinke, S.; Munser-Kiefer, M.; Kirschhock, E.; Ranger, G.; Renner, G. (Eds.) Individuelle Förderung und Lernen in der Gemeinschaft. Jahrbuch Grundschulforschung. Bd. 17 (2014)

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See detailLernprozesse unter Kindern: Mikroanalytische Annäherung mittels Joint-Screen.
Sujbert, Monika; Sunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Fixmer, Pierre

Poster (2013, February 20)

Full Text
See detail« Sibling Stories » - L’invasion des chercheurs. Réflexions méthodologiques et déontologiques sur la construction d’observables vidéo en contexte familial
Sunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Fixmer, Pierre

in Poncelet, Débora (Ed.) Méthodes de recherche en Education familiale. Enjeux, bénéfices et difficultés. (2013)

See detail"You see that in the movie!" - How children engaged in a joint activity simultaneously address each other and the camera operators during a video observation.
Sunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Fixmer, Pierre; Sujbert, Monika

Scientific Conference (2013, November 22)

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See detail«Perspectives do matter. Using multiple cameras to expand the analysis of multimodal process»
Sunnen, Patrick; Arend, Béatrice; Fixmer, Pierre; Sujbert, Monika

Scientific Conference (2012, August 22)

See detailEinführende Überlegungen zum Beobachten mit Video
Sunnen, Patrick; Sujbert, Monika

Presentation (2012, December 13)

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Full Text
See detailLernen. Ausführungen zum erziehungswissenschaftlichen Lernbegriff bei Gerold Scholz
Sunnen, Patrick

in de Boer, Heike; Deckert-Peaceman, Heike; Westphal, Kristin (Eds.) Irritationen - Befremdungen - Entgrenzungen. Fragen an die Grundschulforschung (2011)

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Full Text
See detailWir haben das Mega-Orange gemacht! - Vorschulkinder inszenieren sich als Lernende an der Schnittstelle von Schul- und Gleichaltrigenkultur
Sunnen, Patrick

in de Boer, Heike; Deckert-Peaceman, Heike (Eds.) Kinder in der Schule. Zwischen Gleichaltrigenkultur und schulischer Ordnung. (2009)

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Full Text
See detailLiteracy-Erfahrungen von Vorschulkindern mit Migrationshintergrund in einer mehrsprachigen Klasse in Luxemburg
Sunnen, Patrick; Christmann, Nadine

in Hofmann, Bernhard; Valtin, Renate (Eds.) Checkpoint Literacy, Tagungsband 1 zum 15. Europäischen Lesekongress 2007 in Berlin (2008)

Full Text
See detailKann man Wasser waschen? Kinder experimentieren mit Wasser
Sunnen, Patrick; Fautsch, Linda; Hoffmann, Isabelle; Koetz, Sylvie

in (2008), 6(11),

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See detailLernprozesse am Computer. Theoretische und empirische Anmerkungen
Sunnen, Patrick

Book published by Peter Lang (2006)

See detailIndividuelles Lernen am Computer. Kritische Anmerkungen und Hinweise
Sunnen, Patrick

in Burk, K.; Deckert-Peaceman, H. (Eds.) Auf dem Weg zur Ganztags-Grundschule (2006)

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See detailLanguage learning in preschool at the interplay of home and school practices
Petesch, Danielle; Sunnen, Patrick

Scientific Conference (2005)

See detailLe plurilinguisme auprès des enfants jusqu'à neuf ans
Portante, Dominique; Sunnen, Patrick

Scientific Conference (2005, March 05)

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Full Text
See detailDer Computer – "Nur" Werkzeug oder den Unterricht veränderndes Medium?
Sunnen, Patrick

in Online-Zeitschrift Grundschulforschung (2004), (8),

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Full Text
See detailMaking Sense of Video Games: A textual Analysis of Tomb Raider II
Sunnen, Patrick

Bachelor/master dissertation (2000)

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