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CoLeaP - Collaborative Learning among Peers

Building upon the insights and findings of the university-funded exploratory project "Processes of Collaborative Learning among Siblings" (2008-2010), we shall extend and deepen our investigations on how young cross-age peers collaboratively learn while coping with literacy and technology activities. Although there is a large body of literature on issues of collaborative learning, still little is known when it comes to analyse collaborative learning processes among young peers at a micro-level. The objectives of this qualitative research project are: to refine the theoretical framework in order to grasp collaborative learning processes; to develop a methodological design to trace collaborative learning processes at a micro level; to construct a body of data showing evidence of collaborative learning and the processes leading to it to gain further knowledge about the development and the realisation of collaborative learning processes among peers.

For further information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Patrick Sunnen