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Research Group: Health Inequalities

Programme of Research

Essential to the implementation of public policies and the evaluation of action programmes, the research carried out in our team explores the effects of socio-cultural and physical environmental determinants on quality of life, health capability, social suffering and drug uses, and satisfaction with available resources.

Based on a socio- ecological approach, our studies take an active part in the priorities of the European programme, oriented on social inequalities in health, the production of sociology of healing and illness indicators and the assessment of needs in mental health.

Our multidisciplinary team has strong experience and skills in techniques of quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, in areas such as:

- The diagnosis of lifestyle factors, which contribute to public health problems, and social cumulative process contributing to health disparities between social groups if a risk factor or a new unfavourable event intervenes;

- The monitoring and evaluation of prevention programmes with methods that promote a participatory dynamic, and the development and validation of measuring instruments.



Michèle Baumann, Pr.Dr. Head of the group

Etienne Le Bihan, Coll stats Ing.

Angela Odero, Research Associate