LUCET Expertise and Infrastructure

1 technological backbone and 4 genuinely interdisciplinary labs


LUCET’s mission is genuinely interdisciplinary, and so is the centre’s expertise. LUCET scientists’ and lab technicians’ qualifications range from psychology, psychometrics and cognitive (neuro)science, over sociology, pedagogy, didactics and linguistics, to computational sciences and engineering. LUCET’s interdisciplinary setup ensures a holistic comprehension of an increasingly complex and complicated research topic, thus facilitating innovative approaches to old and new challenges in education. LUCET carries on a strong digital heritage, specifically regarding pioneer work in computer-based (large-scale) assessment, from its precursor research unit EMACS (Educational Measurement and Applied Cognitive Science)—the former home of ÉpStan and the conceptual birthplace of TAO®. In this spirit, all on-going LUCET research and transfer endeavours are firmly grounded in the University of Luxembourg’s ever-expanding developments in digitalisation.