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Projects, PhD theses and Publications

Current Research projects

Institute of Cognitive Science and Assessment (COSA)

Institute of Education & Society (InES)

Institute of Applied Educational Sciences (AES)

Institute of Life Long Learning and Guidance (LLLG)

Institute for Research on Multilingualism (MLing)

Institute for Teacher Professionalization and Psychology of Education (TPPE)

Current PhD projects

Institute of Cognitive Science and Assessment (COSA)

Institute of Education & Society (InES)


  • The Politics of Knowledge that Govern the European Union's Lifelong Learning Policy Space. A Foucauldian Reading (Stephen Rizzo) (external)
  • Institutional Change in Educational Research in the United Kingdom: Ideas, Instruments and Organisations (working title) (Marcelo Marques)
  • School alienation as a result of cultural misfit: The influence of social and migration background on educational trajectories. A mixed-method study in Luxembourg.  (Alyssa Grecu)
  • School Alienation and the Value of Education: School Composition Effects in Luxembourg and Switzerland (Jan Scharf)
  • Educational Inequality of Student Trajectories in German and American Higher Education: Discontinuities, Dropout and Study Duration in Comparative Perspective (working title) (Christina Haas)
  • Disability Policy Regimes and Social Inequalities: Comparative Perspectives on the Impact of Welfare States on the Social Stratification of People with Impairments (working title) (Christoph Tschanz) (external)

Institute for Applied Educational Sciences (AES)

  • Inquiry-based science learning in the multilingual / multicultural classroom: a comparative study (Luxembourg / Dutch) of science learning in the primary science education classroom (Herie De Vries)
  • Analyzing Changes in Student Questions Following the Switch to Inquiry-Based Science Education (ACQUIRE) (Sara Wilmes)
  • Tracing the emergence of science processes through narratives (TRISECT) (Jana Maria Hilgers)
  • The Analysis of Interactions in Multilingual Primary School Classrooms in Luxembourg (Anna Gorges)


Institute for Lifelong Learning and Guidance (LLLG)

Institute for Research on Multilingualism (MLing)

  • The sociolinguistics of Cape Verdean migration trajectories into Luxembourg (Bernardino Tavares)
  • The effectiveness of a mother-tongue based preschool language intervention program on the language and literacy outcomes for Portuguese language-minority children growing up in Luxembourg using a randomised controlled study design (working title) (Rute Carina Cordeiro Tomás)
  • Acquisition of grammatical information within French and German orthography by multilingual Luxembourgish children (Natalia Bilici)
  • The development of a theoretically motivated programme to foster language and literacy development in early childhood classrooms in Luxembourg (Cyril Wealer)
  • Language development among Portuguese language-minority children in Luxembourg: A longitudinal study of children with and without Specific Language Impairment (Cintia Ertel Silva)
  • Managing Multilingualism at Refugee Centres: A Case Study on Receptive Multilingualism and Ad-hoc Interpreting (Erika Kalocsanyiova)
  • Collaborative art in the multilingual and multicultural classroom: appraising the role of theatre for developing multilingual skills and global competencies (Dany Weyer)
  • An ethnographic study of the interactions and language use of emergent multilingual children in formal and non-formal education settings in Early Childhood in Luxembourg (Simone Mortini)
  • Translanguaging for learning: A study of multilingual practices in the primary school (Sarah Degano)
  • The development of orthographic practices of multilingual pupils throughout schooling (Linda Brucher)
  • Internationalisation and multilingualism in Higher Education: A focus on natural sciences (Stepanie Hofmann)
  • Diversität und Bildung. Lehrerbiographien – gesellschaftspolitische Anforderungen – Professionelles Handeln (Arbeitstitel) (Jean-Marc Wagner)

Insitute for Teacher Professionalization and Psychology of Education (TPPE)

  • Judging people and their language use: How attitudes towards language influence and trigger stereotypes in a multilingual context, using Luxembourg as an example (Tessa Lehnert)
  • Effects of teacher training on the judgment of students from different ethnic backgrounds and with special education needs (Mireille Krischler)
  • L’image de la France chez les écrivains d’expression française et d’origine roumaine et russe (1916-2014) (Diana Mistreanu) (en cotutelle avec l’Université de Paris-Est-Créteil)