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Doing Quality in Commercial Daycare

The research study EDUQUA-COM aims at a multidimensional exploration and analysis of the complex field of market-based daycare in Luxembourg using qualitative methods. Over the past ten years, market-based childcare has rapidly expanded in Luxembourg, but there is little knowledge about this sector not only in the Luxembourgish society, but in the broader scientific context as well. Upon completion, the project will provide access to an unexplored field of research and aims to contribute to international debates about non-familial childcare in a changing welfare state.

A special feature of the project is the different case studies of market-based day care organisations in Luxembourg, which includes studying the everyday practices, programmes and pedagogics in market-based day care settings by visiting and observing in the field. The goal is to develop organisational portraits of the range of diverse market-based day care settings of non-familial childcare in Luxembourg. 

This project is funded by the University of Luxembourg (2013-2016).


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Project Team 

Prof. Dr. Michael-Sebastian Honig (Head)
Dr. Anett Schmitz
Dr. Martine Wiltzius
Malou Wagner (Student Associate)
Joelle Weiland, M. A. (Experte Externe)

Project Partners

Prof. Dr. Johanna Mierendorff, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (Germany)
Prof. Dr. Illona Ostner, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Germany)