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Research Group: Ageing and Life Span Development

The research group is dedicated to the study of life span development and ageing. A life span view conceptualizes ageing as the result of a lifelong developmental process leading to different results in different developmental criteria. Moreover, such a view underlines the plasticity of the ageing process with respect to different criteria including social, cognitive, physical and functional ageing.

Research within the group focuses on several domains associated with human ageing. The use of and the motivation to use ICT in old age represents one of the predominant topics during the last years. In addition to this, intergenerational relations within family are studied with respect to relationship quality and exchange processes. A special emphasis is put here on the situation of older adults of migrant family and their adaptation to the host country. A further research focuses on the situation of family carers and the conditions and determinants that shape the psychosocial well-being of informal carers and their family members. The regulation of subjective well-being constitutes a further domain. Current and completed research projects are listed below.