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Research Group: Economic and Social Well-being

Programme of Research

Our research group aims to assess socio-economic inequality and its impact on individual and social well-being from a multidimensional perspective. Our research focus is both theoretical and applied. We work to provide theoretically-sound measures of various phenomena - such as economic insecurity, multidimensional poverty, relative deprivation, resilience, and social exclusion - that are becoming increasingly common in our societies. We also explore the impacts of various life events on measures of well-being via the use of panel and birth-cohort data. We are interested in evaluating, for example, the effects of major financial problems during pregnancy on child birth outcomes such as body weight and head circumference; we also quantify the consequences of the same negative financial events experienced during childhood on cognitive and non-cognitive outcomes later in life; last, we consider the effects of economic insecurity on behaviour and preferences in adult life.


Conchita D'Ambrosio (Head)

Liyousew Borga

Anthony Lepinteur

Giorgia Menta

Vincent Vergnat

Niccolo’ Gentile

Sonia Schifano

Alemayehu Taye