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Focus Areas

We have identified a select number of focus areas of international importance, which are also closely linked with the realities of Luxembourg's society and economy. This unique mix of international excellence and regional relevance is attracting students and scientists from all over the globe, generating external funding and delivering research outputs for society and businesses.



The Contrat d’Établissement Pluriannuel entre l’État et l’Université du Luxembourg, 2018-2021 (PDF) was signed and published in January 2018.

The Fourth Four-Year Plan of the University of Luxembourg, 2018-2021 (PDF) was approved by the Board of Governors on 27 January 2018.

     Supporting Existing Pillars of Excellence

  • Materials Science
  • Computer Science & ICT Security
  • European and International Law
  • Finance and Financial Innovation
  • Education
  • Contemporary and Digital History

     Growing Cross-Disciplinary Themes

  • Health and Systems Biomedicine
    • Biomedicine and IT
    • Biomedicine, Socioeconomics, the Environment, and Behaviour
    • Research and Healthcare
    • Biomedicine and Law and Ethics
  • Data Modelling and Simulation (formerly known as Computational Sciences)
    • Modelling and Material Sciences
    • Modelling and Mathematics
    • Modelling and Socioeconomics and the Environment
    • Modelling and Digital Humanities
    • Modelling and Finance and Law


The 3rd four-year plan of the University of Luxembourg (2014-2017, PDF) and its annexes (PDF) were approved first by the Board of Governors and then by the University Council in autumn 2013. The Contrat d’Établissement Pluriannuel entre l’État et l’Université du Luxembourg, 2014-2017 (PDF) is also available.

Find out more about the missions and the visions drafted for Strategic Research Priorities and find data about Other Research Priorities at the University.

Strategic Research Priorities (2014-2017)





Computational Sciences


Law, stressing European Law


Luxembourg School of Finance


Educational Sciences



The three Interdisciplinary Centres:









Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT)


Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)


Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH)




Other Research Priorities

Other multidisciplinary activities in FinTech & Digitalisation

The faculties, departments and research units of the University of Luxembourg unite their multi-disciplinary expertise to pursue research on FinTech and the digital economy in all related fields.