INTRA 03/2004-12/2007

Within the global framework of the information society, fast, reliable and safe data exchange between local and terrestrial wide-area computer networks has become a top priority problem. Complexity is a key issue in the performance of information traffic. Evidence of traffic complexity appears in many forms, such as the heavy tails distributions, long-range correlations, self-similarity found in traffic measurements at different time scales. The complexity revealed from the traffic measurements has led to the suggestion that information traffic cannot be analysed within the framework of available models. At the same time the performance of computer networks crucially depends on the traffic assessment. In this connection, a major challenge for the emerging high-speed integrated-services communication networks is to elaborate a reliable model that can realistically capture the basic features of network traffic. Such a model will serve as a basis for development of methods and tools for quality assessment, providing more efficient control and management of information flows and protection of computer networks against intruders, etc.

Contact : Ulrich Sorger