Team Ivan Nourdin

Research areas

Ivan Nourdin and his group aim to develop models which yield both qualitative and quantitative insight into the physical phenomena being modeled. Their research interests include Malliavin calculus, Stein’s method, functional inequalities, free probability, and rough paths theory. 



Ivan Nourdin (Prof. Dr.) - head of the group
Simon Campese (Dr.) - post-doc
Lara Daw - PhD Student
Valentin Garino - PhD Student
Xiaochuan Yang (Dr.) - post-doc

Former Members:

- Federico Dalmao (Dr.) - post-doc
- Diu Tran - PhD student
- Guangqu Zheng (Dr.) - PhD student


Together with Giovanni Peccati's and Anton Thalmaier's groups, the research group runs a probability seminar, see the link



Prof. Dr. Ivan Nourdin (

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