Team Giovanni Peccati


Giovanni Peccati (Prof. Dr.) - Head of the group
Christian Döbler (Dr.) - Post-Doc
Arturo Jaramillo Gil (Dr.) - Post-Doc
Massimo Notarnicola - PhD student

Former Members:

Gauthier Dierickx - PhD-student 2017-2018
Dr. Anna Vidotto - PhD-student 2015-2018
Dr. Ronan Herry - PhD-student 2015-2018
Dr. Maurizia Rossi (Post-Doc, Luxembourg) 2015-2017
Dr. Ehsan Azmoodeh (Post-Doc, Luxembourg). 2012-2015
Dr. Solesne Bourguin (Carnegie Mellon). Post-Doc at Luxembourg University, 2012-2013
Dr. Simon Campese (Università Roma Tor Vergata). Ph. D. at Luxembourg University 2010-2014.
Dr. Omar El-Dakkak (Université Paris Ouest). Ph. D. Student at the University Paris VI, 2004-2007
Dr. Raphaël Lachièze-Rey (Université Paris V). Post-Doc at Luxembourg University, 2011
Dr. Guillaume Poly (Rennes). Post-Doc at Luxembourg University 2013-2014
Dr. Rosaria Simone (Potenza/Naples). February 2013-June 2014
Dr. Yvik Swan (Liège). Post-Doc at Luxembourg University, 2012-2013
Dr. Cengbo Zheng (J.P. Morgan, London). Ph. D Student at the University Paris VI, 2009-2011


Together with Ivan Nourdin's and Anton Thalmaier's groups, the research group runs a probability seminar, see the link

Probability seminar


Giovanni Peccati's Group

Giovanni Peccati

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