Some elliptic curves from the real world, Mathematics Colloquium, 18 June 2015
Speaker: Bas Edixhoven. Elliptic curves are very important in my work in number theory and arithmetic geometry, and so it makes me happy to encounter them as well in other areas of mathematics, and even outside mathematics.
Big Bang, Blow Up, and Modular Curves: Algebraic Geometry in Cosmology
Speaker: Yuri Manin. Cosmology related to the “boundaries” of space-time: Big Bang, Mixmaster Universe, and Roger Penrose’s crossovers between aeons.  
The geometry of random spherical eigenfunctions, Mathematics Colloquium - 23 February 2016
Speaker: Domenico Marinucci (Rome, Tor Vergata) In this talk, we review some recent developments on the geometry of random fields on the sphere; we will discuss also the importance of these fields for applications, in particular in a ...